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omg............. love 40

Wow.... I won't say anything because it will jinx it.. ne? Nah, I don't believe in jinxes....... Life is great right now. Here is why:

I signed my new job's contract this afternoon. YAY! It rocks my world! This job is going to ROCK so much! I'll be teaching in elementary schools, east of Tokyo station. <3

It's official!! 7:30 this Wednesday, I'll be visiting and getting a tour of the JUMP offices! O.O OMG.

Today we had a party (and test *cough*) to celebrate the end of this semester's japanese lessons! I signed up for the next semester too! <3

And the BEST news.... ++ It turns out that one of my teachers is a close friend to one of the CAST MEMBERS of Tenimyu!! One of the DBoys and his girlfriend!! (I will leave it to you to guess who if you want, because due to privacy I won't say) And she's going to ask if there's a possibility for me to meet him and possibly get to go BACKSTAGE at Dream Live 2....... No kidding. I am not kidding. Even the remote possibility is making me jump for joy. I'm so giddy!!!!!! I can't believe it, it's like a dream! Oohh, believe me, I'm pressing this one~!

....... pinch me, I'm dreaming... please? I have to be..

Oh, and Eda and I visited GAIN and chatted with the manager again! I really like him, he tries so hard AND he gave me a free Nagayan phone strap! :O sugoooi!!! He's so kind, and fun to talk to!! <3 We took pictures with him too!!
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