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o-o.. apparently I fell asleep about 4 this afternoon.. I must have been completely beat, because I'm just waking up now, 2 AM... Not to mention, for some reason, my AIM started and signed me on while I was sleeping... *sigh* weird..... And I missed a call from minakochan.. *cries* I missed Shumea, too.. *double cries* I chose the wrong day to crash.. ^_^;;;

Oh well... now that I'm waking up... I'll go learn more about this EZ board thing... I'm sorry Amanda, I totally forgot that you suggested the rp... I just finished with finals, and this whole week, everything's been crazy.. ^^;; Maybe we can have two Kurapikas? Kind of like the IC and OOC Kurapika that Lauren told me about way back... back when I had no idea who that character was.. ^^;;

*sighs* I feel strangely sad now... but it's prolly just because I just woke up.. off to read friend's journals, and the message boards.... Jill can you try calling tomorrow? ^_^;; or just email the directions, that would be fine. ^^;;;

Cheer up Shumea-chan!! *huggles* /me loves you too much for you to be sad.. Oh, and I LOVED the music from Manau.. do you have any more? Wahh.. I'm kinda sad that I missed you online today.. ;_;

well.. that's all... till later! ^_^
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