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Mmm, today was fun! <3 We were super-late, but after work aalfonso and I went out to see our 'old friend' Yuko (an amateur singer) play at a TINY live bar in southern Tokyo! <3 It was awesome!! We actually only got there in time for her last song, which made us feel a little sad. But it was awesome to see her again! Mooooonths back (gah, almost 6 months ago??) Andrew and I were hanging out for the first time in Mizonoguchi and watched a number of bands playing live in the station area. One of them was Yuko, and she was REALLY good. At least I thought so! She played piano herself and had a deep, beautiful, unique voice! Neither of us could really speak ANY japanese, and we've improved a lot since then (I didn't realize how much until tonight, though I still basically suck, it's not SO bad), and it was awesome to see her! It made me really happy!! <3 We took a picture with her afterward too, which I will post up as soon as Andrew gets the internet connection that he needs to upload it. I hope that it comes fast! I can't wait!!

We were only there for about 45 minutes (took longer than that to get there!! :O) so I enjoyed a leisurely walk home afterward, happy because it's still in the upper 60s even late at night, and enjoying the fragrant flowers in the air. I'm so happy, spring is my favorite time of year!!! Haru desu ne!! The cherry blossoms are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! They just started coming out yesterday!!

In other news, I'm totally engrossed in The Amazing Race. That is exactly the kind of thing that I want to do!! I went to read the eligibility requirements, though. Wtf???? I understand that I have to be a US citizen, but why do I have to live in the US? I don't understand the complications. I wrote to them asking why, because I don't really understand. I know that there may be complications with my VISA if I leave the country for such a long time, but that shouldn't have any effect on it. I'd be wiling to fly back to the US to take part in the interviews if I was selected....... mou..

I have been trying to read the newest volume of Tenipuri manga. I have to look up every other word (and some aren't in my dictionary, mou), but it's good practice!! I just wish that the pages were bigger. I love reading that story arc, though, because they're at the beach and there is much craziness going on!! =D~~ I love the Special Sardine Inui Juice! XDDDDD
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