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Super Volcano..

I spent a while watching this TV movie last night...... Super Volcano.... And by the time that I was done, I was completely and totally freaked out that something like that might really happen... o.o;; (And I kept thinking that by walking around the apartment to go to the bathroom, I was going to trigger something *cough*) And while I was surfing the net looking for the official website, I ran into lots of webpages that talked about Yellowstone and being really truly overdue for a supervolcano. Gaaaah, skeery....... Even though I'm in Japan.... hey, there's always Mt. Fuji..

Normally those kinds of things don't scare me. I like exciting things. ^_^;; But volcanoes that big are different, because you don't have ANY say in them. It's not something that you have a lot of chance to survive, if you're caught near there. ^^;;; Gah. Scary. And since I was born in the midst of Mt. St. Helens' eruption, it's kind of personal-feeling, if that makes sense. ^^;;

Uh.... I watch a LOT of american TV shows. Yet I never mention them.... ^^;;; Currently I'm addicted to The O.C., The Simple Life Interns, Survivor: Palau, and of course the wonderful South Park and The Simpsons. I also have been watching recently The Amazing Race, That 70s Show, Whose Line is it Anyways? and a few others when they come up. ^^;; Yeah. I need to write a loooooooooooong post about The O.C. and it's wonderfulness sometime! ^_^ Yay for the renewed Ryan-Marissa and Seth-Summer! <3 Though come on, Alex-Marissa was really delicious, and Alex looked SO much better when she was with Marissa because she left her hair out of that awful hairdo most of the time! <33333

Gah....... and a milestone....... the last episode of Tenipuri is on this coming Wednesday. *sniffles* A 1-hour special. I'm already sad. So, so sad..... *mourns*
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