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19 December 2002 @ 12:02 am
quizzes first =^-^=  
I'm... Shinbo??? I love him (especially his seiyuu!!) but.. he's not all that like me.... o-o.. I usually fall for people under my age.. ^^;;; and I share too many details about my personal life.. you don't even have to ask, most everything goes in my journal. ^^;;;;

You're Shimbo!

You're kind, decent, hard working, and helpful!

You're always there for your friends!

But you're also very secretive about yourself.

You don't really like people asking about your personal life.

You have an older person that you love, and would do anything for, if only she would have the courage to follow her own heart.

So you have alot on your plate, but you're strong, you'll survive.

And maybe, someday your dreams will come true.

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Beast!! I guess it fits.. ^^;;;
Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?

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