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PoT 168-169

OMG... ::spazzes::

I can't WAIT to see the PoT movie now~~!!! It comes out TOMORROW!! And I can't wait to see the next episode! I really hope that it's not ending, because it's getting REALLY addicting for me, seeing Ryoma go through actual angstishness for once!!! <3333

(I may be the only one who feels that way, but still..!!)

The preview for the next episode..!! So much love! I guess from the episode titles, we already know that Ryoma goes to the Zenbei Open in America........... but what will happen there?!! I wonder if Ryoma will go, and then end up coming back somehow to finish up the Nationals......

I feel inspired... gah. I'm so obsessed on Ryoma in all forms, it's ridiculous. This is worse than my last character obsession, probably because there are so many ways to see Ryoma and so few for Nagi.. ^^ OMG, and the last issue of the manga........ Ryoma told his overly large opponent that he should go on a diet... right as the match was starting. XD;;; It was hilarious! XD;; I was laughing for quite a while!! XD;; I need to scan that.... XD;; (Plus, there was HxH in that issue, so Jamie was a happy girl~!
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