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buhihi♪ guhihi♪ dahaha♪

Well, like everyone else, I nearly died of boredom while lj was gone.. T_T I had to work, so it wasn't so bad, but I was seriously going through withdrawal symptoms and checking a lot for it when I was home. T_T How sad is that? =D Oh well... I don't mind... lj is what makes the internet fun! I am so glad that it's back! ~<3

Mmmm, day off finally! I shall cherish them! Because after this week it's going to be hard..... I swapped shifts with people so that I have this Friday and Sunday off to go to Tenimyu Yamabuki, but that means that I'm working next Mon AND Tues... >.< It will be 7 days straight of working.... ewwwww......

Oh well, it's worth it!! =^___^= Just wait until next month, it might be worse! =D Which reminds me, I have to check for Rock'n Jam tickets tonight..

(my subject line pertains to the third diary entry down on here.. My bad translation is as always, here)

I absolutely adore Eda and Erin's take on it: XDDD
eda: you'd think he was high when he was writing these entries
eda: but he's probably just bored out of his skull
eda: he posted three times today with these kinds of pics and random babbling and going NIHIHIHIHI and DAHAHAHAHA
eda: funny, i was going to open photoshop anyway *GRIN*
erin: ..possibly he is
erin: could've gotten addicted to painkillers while in the hospital
erin: stole a whole bunch
erin: now hangs out auditioning for gay porn videos
eda: ...
eda: don't make me become another stalker XD
erin: hehehe

That's the best description of Yanagi (at least how he is in his journal) that I've ever seen! XDD I can't wait to go to the D-Boys store tomorrow! <3 I want to see if they have a way of signing up for the fanclub there, too, since I filled out the form today and asked my staff to help me on how to sign up (do I mail it, etc?), but they couldn't figure it out. ^^;; I'm a little sad, though, as it asks you to pick the member that you're joining for, and I can only pick one. Of course I'll pick Yanagi, but I wanted to pick Endo too.. T_T Will I only get the Yanagi special goods and miss out on the Endo ones? ^^;; ::sad::

I wrote a japanese sentence yesterday in his journal too... ("Will you write in english sometime?" I think..) o.o it was a phrase that I took out of my grammar book and changed the words so that I think it said what I wanted it too... I have no idea. My japanese grammar isn't good though I'm beginning to understand it a bit better after reading some of the book that I got. ^_^ Which, by the way, is here. (uhh.. my copy cost half of that price X_x) My kanji dictionary is not listed, but I'm happy, because I was able to use it today and found every kanji that I was looking for. ^^ They were easier kanji, but still..!! *happy*

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I wanna draw, but I need to study some more. YOSH!
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