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I just checked my email... 96 messages, all because I didn't check it in 24 hours.. -_-;; That's not as sad as about ten of those were from mailing lists I'm on, 2 were lj-comments, and there was 1 personal email.. ^_^;;; Wahhh... Guess I'm only popular with the spam people. ^_^;;;;

Anyways... L.A. trip is over!! ^_^ The verdict: I had a great time.. I loved getting away, being with friends, not thinking about school, everything!! I even got to drive parts ofthe way.. YAY!!! I love to drive, it gives me a feeling of control. ^_^;; We had an awesome lunch at this cheap japanese ramen stand... Ohhhhh, I wish that I could make udon that good.. o-o.... I got Jason hooked on sakuranbo no tennensui.. We both swear that is tastes like peaches, though.. and Rachel thinks that it tastes "fuzzy"... hehe.. Jason treated us all to a rather nice Old English style restaurant for dinner.. I don't know how much it all cost, but apparently a lot, so Thank You Jason!! ^___^ I had a rather interesting Lamb Pie... I'd never had it, so I said, hey, why not.. ^^;; I love trying new food. =^__^= Anyways, did I mention that I had a great time? I SO needed this.. and I think that Brenda did too.. she'd been pretty stressed out lately.. Ahhh, and I saw the ocean.. *grins* but Jason had forgotten his camera in the car.. ^^; We walked around in little Japan for a long while, sampled various foods from various stands (don't know whay most of them were called though.. we just pointed at what we wanted), etc. Of course, I was saving most of my money for when we went to mandarake, but... DAMN! Mandarake was so disappointing. When I'd been there before, they'd been like a paradise... but this time, it turns out that they're closing down, so almost everything that I was intending to get was gone!! wahhh.. NO Gravitation Remix, artbooks, anything.. I was sooo sad.. I did manage to pick up a few artbooks that I'd been wanting at half price though: Angel Sanctuary, Ai Yazawa's artbook, and the two Weiss Kreuz Assassin and White Shaman artbooks/mangas... I wanted more of the Angel Sanctuary artbooks, to give to a couple of friends (I only paid $10 for mine!!), but they didn't have any more... I was sad... So yeah, I still have to do a LOT of Christmas shopping... I'll probably do it all online though. ^_^ I still have plenty of great ideas. =) Ohh. and I found an Eithea mousepad!!!! I didn't even know that they existed!! o-o... but yeah...

Los Angeles was a blast.. I think that we're going to go again when Jason gets back from Germany... I'll have to go with... Which reminds me, I still owe Rachel for gas, Matt for breakfast.. ^^;; Will have to pay them back soon...

Alright, now I have to go read my lj-friends page, say hi to anyone online, maybe online shop a tiny bit, and go back to working on the ever present homework.. Looks like I'm not going to make the Tokyopop deadline (WAHH!! Why does it have to be right before finals!!).. but oh well, they'll have another contest, and hopefully Yume to Yume will be ready by then.. (maybe even with a better name..^^;; )


~jamie ^__^
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