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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

(sorry this picture sucks.. do you know the series? =D)

I am tired, and way too incoherent to write. Seriously. And that picture proves it. O.o I don't know why I'm so tired.... but aaaaaaaaaaanyways!! I wanted to say Merry Christmas, and I hope that everyone has a good Christmas, or whatever holiday it is that you share =^__^=. Sorry my art sucks, but it seems that I can't draw recently. ^.^;

I want all of my friends to know how much I love them! =^__^= All of you, near and far, I wish a happy holiday season!! Tonight I'll be out with Eda and Erin, wreaking havoc on Tokyo and catching the Millenario! Erin got a new camera, so I'm going to make sure that she takes a lot of pictures! Trey, special love to you today, beautiful! (rather... Xmas is tomorrow for you, but still) Alsie, Elvy, Kyo, Athy, Nav, Jill, and the rest of my close friends that aren't nearby to wish in person, Happy Holidays!!! <333 I love you all!!

And thank you castor for the card!! =D That was so sweet of you! ^_^
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