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12 December 2002 @ 10:15 am
Shu-chan is in for testing today.. I hope is turns out okay! I'm with you!!

In other news... I am in Advanced Image Manipulation class right now... as usual, I've discovered that I can't work on my project without first taking some pictures... and just walking downstairs and outside the class will not do the trick.. I want a photo of downtown for this one... I'm supposed to be making a composite image. I figure that I'll use it for a virtual Christmas card or something.. should be quite fun! ^__^ Especally considering that this class is all about Photoshop, and Photoshop is an ollld friend of mine.. =^_^= I still remember working with ver. 2.0 back in photography class in my junior year of high school.. and they're what, at ver. 7.0 now? ^____^ I love this program.. now if only 3DS Max were this fun to work in. ^_^

Ahhhh... there is nothing like the first Savage Garden CD to relax you.. at least the first few tracks.. I'm in an easy class, listening to good music, and writing in my journal.. I feel so much better than last night. ^__^ The only thing that sucks is that I don't really have any close friends in this class (O-o I only have like 2 close friends in this school... but I would take any number of the others that I adore talking to).. and AIM express won't work in these labs.. or well, I don't really want to try, since we're using stupid crappy MACs (sorry 'thena)... I just don't like any computer with this screwed up of a keyboard (I swear, my forearm is longer than this thing), and that I can't ALT+TAB on....

I've been thinking of redesigning my journal layout. I will definitely have to do it during the break.. I have a few cute ideas!! Though I may not use my own artwork, for once... I just am never happy enough with it.. ^^;;;; maybe I can get some good photos of me? Nah.. I don't photo well...

hmm... /me thinks that Ron is upset at me... why?

YAY!! We might just go on Saturday after all.. I have to call Jason when I get back home... pleeeease say that he'll come... if he comes, and Brenda comes, and Ron comes, sure, we'll have a crowded car, but it will be a blast!! Los Angeles here we come!!!!! Rachel mentioned going next week, but I don't particularily want to drive that far to shop in a huge city on the weekend before Christmas... yeah, I may be a little crazy, but I'm not INSANE... O-o ^__^ It should be great fun, even though I don't think that I'll have as much money as I wanted... I forgot that I have to mail out four of the presents.. ^^;;;;; heh, but it's all good!! I can't wait for everyone to get their presents!!

Waaa... I miss RP.. haven't done it in a few days.. it's like an addiction, I swear. ^^;; I hope that everyone can get online sometime together, and we can continue "Moving On." That's such a fun storyline!! I also like Yohji-kun's "Newly Fallen Snow Stings" thread... because we talked about it, and he's open to Ryu x Shu in it!!! Albeit, we're going to keep it really angsty, instead of fluffy romance, but I looooooove angst!! The romance/ hot yaoi sex can come in another thread... I think this one is going to be Yuki x Tohma too.. I want to see how Yo-chan and Kyon-chan are going to pull that off... It's really in-character, imho, for the characters (well. in Tohma's case.. dunno about Yuki).. but in any case, I've never read a Yuki x Tohma fic that I liked.... ^_^; I wonder if they can change my mind.. ^^;; I wonder when Noriko's coming back.. he plaer said that she was moving.... and we had the beginnings of a good story with her.... come back Noriko!!

O-o I guess I shouldn't be complaining.... I finished rewatching Yami no Matsuei last night, and am all ready and geared up to play Muraki!! I can't believe that I picked such a bastard to play!!! I mean, I knew he was evil, but it had been nearly a year since I'd seen Yami, and could only remember tiny details... but O-o.......... I don't know if I'll be able to pull him off. I mean, I feel so bad if I'm mean to people's characters... but heh... I'll just have to play an evil bastard..... ack, but he's about as far from my personality as you can get, unless you count that we both like to torture bishounen pretty-bois.. ^__^;;;;;; But my way is... so much... less harmful.. umm.. yeah..... O-o;;; I'll stop thinking about it and just write for him..... It was funny, I told Rachel last night that I was gonna play him, and she's like, stay away from me!! ^^;;;; funny, I got the same reaction from Shumea.. ^^;;; lol.... wonder who else... =^_^;=

Oooo... someone turned on the air condiioner... This class was nice and warm, but now my fingers are locking up... Oro.... that's no good.. oh well, at least it's over in a little over an hour....

Oi, I have now pretty much completely abandoned sketching out thumbnails for this project, and am working on Seme designs.... hmmm.... I tried drawing the jacket Shumea had... but he just comes out looking like a high school boy!! I'll have to do something about that.. I like the collar too.. maybe there's a way to change it... tho I haven't found it yet.. ^^;;;; Oh well, I'll prolly brainstorm on that and Yume to Yume during Illustration class later..... will be fun ^^

Will I get Yume to Yume done in time for Tokyopop? O-o, I hope so... though the prospects don't look too good... m'gonna spend the afternoon/evening working on it, I guess.... ara........

Ah well... signing off now. ^__^
ja! Mata ne!
~hi-chan ^__^
Current Mood: calm
Current Music: Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back
Naveed: amused Kieranhitokiri_naveed on December 12th, 2002 02:22 pm (UTC)
Playing evil bastards is fun! Muraki tops my bastard list too, he's scary but pretty, and everytime my Muraki winamp skin comes up I drool and shake in my boots at the same time.
athenazandrite on December 12th, 2002 02:27 pm (UTC)
I think it's just your school keyboards that are icky. Mine's totally normal. Nothing funky about it in anyway.

Since my change to macs, I've been very pleasantly surpised in how easy it is and am enjoying it far more than my pc. (BTW the other day I was at my desk with TWO computers on X_x that was weird, mac and pc side by side and got confused as to which keyboard and mouse went with which computer LOL!!) On a plus side, out computer lab is getting all new i-macs at school next semester, sound like mine, with dvd burner and all... preeetyyy..... *_*

I'll try not to disappoint you with Touma! you know my general writing style by now ^_^ I try and stick to characters like glue! :D Joy! Now if only Kyon-chan and I can rp together!
+ tempus . perdo . omnia +: shukisslittletrowa on December 13th, 2002 12:45 am (UTC)
Heh, glad you like my idea, and I did promise to reply tonight but my brain is so muddled and fuzzy that I'm getting confused. So I'll reply early tomorrow instead. If Kyo-chan gets a chance to reply then my evil little angsty plan will work out well... heh heh, angst is good, RP is better, yayness. ::thinks he's too muddled to even write a lj post of the past week, MOU!::

^_^ take care! *waves and dies*