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Why you are so cool! In case you didn't know! -- lovely friends batch 3

Previous 8 here and here.

love you allllllll!! <3333

The results are in from this post and this is why you are cool! ^__^
This will be batch #3 -- more to be added later! <3

Oh dear dear Shannon! <3 I cannot wait until I get to meet you!! I've known since I first got to meet you online, that you were one of the sweetest, most loving and caring people that I could even possibly meet! You were always there for me to talk to, even though we hardly knew each other at first! I felt close to you right from the start.. no small part due to how openly sweet that you are!

You're so caring and thoughtful, and OMG so creative!! I envy your creativity, and shall I even start on your artwork! I looooooove your gorgeous artwork, and I cannot WAIT to be able to finally meet such a great artist in person! Did I mention CREATIVE?!?! You make me jealous girl, but keep it up!!

Reeeeeaaaaa-chan!<3 How long have I known you on lj? I think you were one of the first friends that I made.. Even though I don't comment much, I enjoy reading your posts. How could I not, when they are coming from such a wonderful person?? You are one of the most upbeat and cheerful people that I know! I love your energy, your attitude, your love for life!!

You're such a a refreshing person, and I'm soooooo glad that I have the honor of knowing you! When I come to visit Australia eventually, we have to hang out for a little while! You're such a happy, positive person, and that's one of the qualities that I admire most in a friend. <3 Love you Rea!!

My dear lovely Megan! <3 You are one of the shining points from my years spent in Phoenix! <33 I love you, Megan, like a little sister, and I think I always have! You're so cute, loving, thoughtful, caring, and fun to be around! I'm sad that we never got our 'girl's day' before I left, but there is still the rest of our lives and we will definitely have it!

You're such a thoughtful, loving person, and that always awes me when I think about it. You put so much effort into caring about and loving others. You're an amazing person, Megan! I'm so honored to know such a caring, thoughtful, energetic, and loving person! <3333 I hope we stay friends forever!!

Chrissy!!! <333 We have known each other for such a long time!! <3 I still remember when I first met you, rooming with you back at Anime Expo years ago. I think I instantly fell in love with you, and you've been my little sis ever since! You have such an amazing determination, and so much courage! And the most energy, hands down, of anyone I've ever met! <3

I love how caring, thoughtful, and loving you are, Chrissy! You've been through so much, and yet you still stand firm in your beliefs. You're independent, sunny, and so very amazing! I understand completely why everyone in the UAO had a crush on you.. because you're simply amazing!! I know that we'll be friends forever! <33

Lynzie! <33 Have I ever told you how much your art rocks??!?!! I know so many talented artists, but you're in the top rung! On top of that, you're such a sweet and caring person! And can I ever thank you enough for taking the initiative to finally get me to meet my dear Robin?! I don't think so! That would be enough to sing your praises, but..

This is about YOU! OMG Lynzie you're such a special, friendly, loving and caring person! I'm so glad that I got a chance to meet you and reinforce that belief! Don't call me a rockin Chika, because that title should be reserved for you!! <3

..... Steve... Well, honestly, I didn't want to write this. Because I suppose I'm still bitter, now that I think back on it. Here is me going, 'I don't want to say anything nice....'  But.... saying nice things is what this is all about... So, here we go..

Well.. there was a reason that I ever chose to go out with you, and that's because you were such a fun, seemingly thoughtful person. You have a lot of charisma, and are able to draw people in to you. You're outgoing and energetic.    .... and that's all I can manage. Sorry. ^^;

OMG O'chibi-chan!! I know you're in China right now and won't see this, but YOU rock my world! <333 You are the only person I know who loves Ryoma as much as me!! <333345435 You have GREAT taste!! <33 We've spent some time fangirling together, and I had so much fun! You've got a great, positive way of looking at things, and that is something that I truly admire!

You're such a sweetheart who is thoughtful, caring, and most of all, fun! I hope that we get a chance to meet each other sometime! Actually.. I know we will! <33 I wouldn't let it be otherwise! I hope you're having fun in China!! <3

Oooooo Justin! <3 I think that you are one of the most interesting people I've ever met! You're going through a period of self-discovery, and I'm glad that I was able to be there for you for even a little while. You're fun to be around, and so caring of your friends that it amazes me! It was so much fun hanging out with you. I know that someday we'll hang out again!

I think you are a sweet, caring person. You have such deep feelings and so much love to give! You are also a GREAT artist with a lof ot hidden passion! I wish that I could give you the confidence boost that I know you need! Trust me, just keep following your dreams and they'll pan out!! <3


Oooo, I must stop for the moment, as I have to leave for my japanese lesson.... But I shall return and finish soon!! <33

Next on my list are: genniidrominda, buriteri, ashi_moto, saiai_yohji, lain_wired, taishi, abandonedsoul, minakochan, satanclaws, deedala, konoe_kaoru, kyofujimiya, nekosupergirl, and lostnyanko. If you would like some love, please comment on this post! It's never too late!
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