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11 December 2002 @ 06:57 pm
*sigh* I'm in Advanced 3D Class right now... it's boring as all hell.. I hate 3D modelling... it just doesn't work the way that I want it too, and worse off, I can't seem to *grasp* it... I mean, I know all the technical aspects and how to work the program, and that's all well and great, but as far as actually being able to model a lifelike person? Screw that.. it just doesn't work.. I swear up and down, it doesn't work.. *grr* My brain definitely prefers a pencil and paper.. I will never _EVER_ accept a job modelling... My poor elf girl looks like... like some kind of deformed alien... I *so* don't want to work on this tonight...

To add to the frustration, Jason doesn't have any money to go on Sunday to LA.. so we have to think of something else.. if it comes down to it, I just might decide to skip anime club and go on Sat.. the only problem is I would feel bad leaving Justin in charge of it all.. practically ALL of the officers would be gone.. *sigh* That news made me extremely depresed.. I so need to go home and watch anime instead... I so do....

...talking to Shu-chan right now... that's always a little bit of happines... now, I just have to get myself out of here.... *looks at watch* if I don't find a way to get out early, I still have _3_ hours left to go.... Gah, nooo!!! And it's not like the work will end there.. I still have to get all of this work finished by next week somehow....

*sighs* Okay, what if I do, go to LA on Saturday.. I guess that would be alright, though there are all of the problems that I mentioned earlier.. I want to get out and away for a little while... I can't wait for next week... I'll finally have all of the free time that I so want to have, since finals will be over......

Ahh, okay.. Shumea's back, and we're talking about our online comic that we're working on.. she had some seme boy designs for me to look at... I like. ^__^ It makes me feel a little better, keeping my mind off of the terribleness that is 3D crap... This comic is going to be really fun... which reminds me of the others that I've told myself that I would do. I think that this one will be the primary one for the moment... it's the most fun to work on.. =^_^=

But as far as other comics.. Gotta keep these in mind (for personal ref):
Chain Bondage Inc. (part of www.bishounenonleashes.com that me and Brenda planned to make someday)
Yume to Yume (go to print??)
Chocolate Kiss

Those are the main ones, but damn.. I have so many ideas stored down in me.... I should work on them all during this break..:P

Gah.. I am going to try to skip out of this class.. ASAP. I have to, for my sanity's sake..