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15 October 2004 @ 01:21 am
Joan of Arcadia episode 11..

I went o_o, I cried, I got very emotional.. it was so good, so poignant. The thing I love most about this series is the message that it carries. I love it. I haven't been this addicted to a TV series for all the right reasons in a looooong time. The only other recent TV addiction was the OC and that's because it's an angst-ridden drama. Joan, though.... it's like watching pure intelligence stuffed into a 1-hour tv program.

I love it forever. Thank you so much redshoeson for recommending it to me! <3 *hugs*

note.. and it's weird how much I love this show, because I don't believe in god.... I suppose it's just not an issue here... another reason why I love this show so much.
Current Mood: happy
Kyo-chan: kyo-chankyofujimiya on October 14th, 2004 10:25 am (UTC)
Wow...it's interesting to find someone who loves that show as much as I did. I should start rewatching it... *huggles* Miss you!
long gone with her red shoes onredshoeson on October 14th, 2004 09:56 pm (UTC)
::::::::hugs:::::::: That was a good one; the ending really gets you. I <3 JoA b/c of the cultural relevance, the clever one-liners, and really, the inherent true-isms behind lots of what the characters do. Later on you'll see a teen sex-related ep. I liked the way that it was handled; very much minus the kid gloves IMO.

I like too that JoA isn't all about the Jesus, or any particular faith even. I was really worried that it would be a heavily-Christian show; it was awesome to find out it wasn't.

Watch the season finale of S1; it'll will blow your mind. ^.~