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13 October 2004 @ 10:22 am
Another weekend..  
I spent this last 'weekend' hanging out with Nicole on Monday and shopping again on Tuesday for work clothes and *cough*anime*cough*. I didn't buy too much of the latter, though.Tuesday I went up to Nakano to see what all the buzz about a mall that had 3 floors of anime stuff was, and took a look around. I got off on the wrong side of the station, but eventually found what everyone was talking about. It was alright, I suppose, but I'm not really into cels too much (but they had CHEAP HxH ones in a case.. even Kurapica for 2000 yen! O_O), and I can get manga anywhere else. They had a lot of stuff that was in cases, and some used CDs (I really wanted the singles but they were in a case and I couldn't ask for them). That seems to be my problem really, not speaking the language, and it's being absorbed really slow. So I bought Japanese for Busy people and the workbook for it at a bookstore in Ikebukuro. I think that should help a bit, at least I hope so. ^_^ In the beginning they go over commonly used sayings and most of them I was already familiar with. ^^ I went clothes shopping at UniQlo, which was decently priced, and probably the only place so far that I've seen decently priced clothes that I could wear to work. ^^ Of course, I hate work clothes because of the collared thing, but the good thing is that the white shirt that I bought can double as my Harry Potter one. ^_^ The only problem with all of them is that the sleeves aren't long enough, but that was a problem even in the states, so I definitely wasn't expecting anything else here. ^^;;;

Now back to Monday. Monday was a lot of fun hanging out with Nicole!! We went to Machida and looked around.. I love Machida! They have this huuuuuuge 100yen shop that has soooooooo much stuff in it!!! <3<3 We both bought a lot of it and had to lug these huge bags back to the train station! XDDD We also went to TGI Friday's, which was awesome, because not only did they have all of the back-home favorites, but the entire menu was in English!!! <3 I had French Onion soup and a philly cheesesteak sandwich, and deep fried mushrooms.. it was awesome! ^_^ We were also served by a waitress who spoke pretty good english. ^_^ I wanna go back someday soon! Oh..... and I was completely surprised to find an Animate there!! <3<3 It was only one floor, but they had all of these halloween Naruto and One Piece things that I swooned over because they were too cute! XD I also got a HxH cellphone strap. ^_^ Oh, and I know that it's really expensive, but I'm looking forward to the DVD for Hunter x Hunter: A Longing for Phalcnothdk. I wanna get it! And the Prince of Tennis Dream Live that's coming out too! ^_^ I was also offered candy from a little pumpkin when I checked out, XDXD.

Ooooh, and I picked up my Alien Registration Card.. I'm now a registered Alien in Japan! XDD I can go apply for my internation bank card, which I need to do asap. I might do it tomorrow after work if I have the time. I'm not sure how late the bank is open.. The card is pink, though, which seems...... interesting. XP

This is what the canal looked like Monday, after the typhoon on Saturday... It looks like chocolate milk!!! <3

This is one of a group of stray cats that live along the canal. I see them everyday and I want to take one home sooooooo badly!!!!!! Wah! ;_; But they won't even let me pet them..

LOL I thought this store was interesting in Machida.

Friday's!! ^_____^

Current Music: Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Moby Remix)
Dusty!: RL-Dusty's long wong!-hinoaidriley1 on October 12th, 2004 06:29 pm (UTC)
That's the sickest looking chocolate milk evar. @_@;;;

KITTY! <3 I'll bet he's less retarded than mine! (that's not saying much)

Dude... I so want to go to that Friday's! mmmm.... cheeseonastick

(this insanity brought to you by way too much caffeine and ice cream)
Elvy: Lucky Starsoundsoft_elvy on October 12th, 2004 06:30 pm (UTC)
All hail Arizona, baby!
Damn straight! Even the Japanese like Arizona! Mwahahahhaa!
ex_kukai546 on October 12th, 2004 06:45 pm (UTC)
wow, memories.
Hella Japan!!! Ah kamisama, it's been too long. I miss it already. Hyaku en stores = my savior.
have you yet/do you plan to go to akihabara? Incredible amounts of anime there.

OH man, now I want to to go back soooo bad. What town are you in? Can I add you to my friends list?
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 12th, 2004 07:26 pm (UTC)
Re: wow, memories.
Sure, go ahead and add me. ^^ I've been to Akihabara already, it was so crazy, but fun ^_^

I'm in Kuji, also known as BFE to myself.. It takes forever to get anywhere, I'm soooooo going to move asap!
Owlsie .:*・°☆: ToriShishi [Mine]alsie on October 12th, 2004 07:15 pm (UTC)
That looks like it could be grass-juice or something.. o_O;;

..oh! It's INUI JUICE. :O

And damnit... ;_; I can't bear to see cats that are strays and stuff. ::cries:: Poor babies..
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 12th, 2004 07:28 pm (UTC)
LOL I bought a cup a while back that's labeled "Inui's special juice". XDD Well okay, it only said that on the box, not on the cup itself, but it's still amusing. XDD
Owlsie .:*・°☆alsie on October 12th, 2004 07:29 pm (UTC)
XD That's awesome.
Elvy: Digital Syntaxsoundsoft_elvy on October 12th, 2004 08:53 pm (UTC)
The boys are done and POSTED! I'm so excited! I can't wait to actually see them in full color! *squee!*

Now...to work on chapter 2 and everyone from Flip! Aiya! Thank god for having two of them done already.
Shannon "Roku-chan" Townsendroku_chan on October 12th, 2004 09:24 pm (UTC)
...That is one disgusting color for water. Oh, wait. Looks like the Chicago River. My bad. ^_~
Elvy: Fuji Diarysoundsoft_elvy on October 12th, 2004 09:54 pm (UTC)
It looks like the Mississippi River too! Mwahaha!
Chiakichiaki777 on October 12th, 2004 10:52 pm (UTC)
Ahh, was the storm ok for you guys? I have to e-mail friends to make sure they're all right.

And 100 yen stores rock!
Lainey: loved - widdle cute ratttietaiirei on October 13th, 2004 12:23 am (UTC)
Ew... mouldy milk! Does it smell at all? Hah! TGI Fridays look the same everywhere! There's one in Melbourne as well that looks exactly the same! Dark wood panelling, symbol, misc. crap on the walls!
Elvy: One of Sousuke's Dayssoundsoft_elvy on October 13th, 2004 12:39 am (UTC)
Nova work attire?
Hey Hi-chan...I plan on stocking up on clothes that are both work appropriate as well as can be mixed with casual clothes to boot. Since all the fall sales are starting, I need to get your advice on some of the things I'm trying to figure out that are 'work appropriate'. You mentioned blouses needed to have a collar and stuff. Look at the links below and tell me if these pieces could be worn at work, please?

Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 13th, 2004 07:16 am (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
OMG I love that last skirt!!!! <3<3<3 Wai!

Yes, all of those are fine to wear to work. ^_^ The dress code is this: business (whassat??) dress, no open-toed or open-backed shoes, must wear socks or pantyhose at all times, and all shirts must have a collar. We have it better than the boys, who not only have to wear slacks or suits, they have to wear collared shirts with ties. ^.^;; Poor things.
Elvy: Inspiresoundsoft_elvy on October 13th, 2004 09:21 am (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
Kickass! I guess I'll start racking up a small clothing bill then. Because if I go shopping in February for the stuff...there ain't gonna be ANYTHING around except spring clothing (which I'll pick some of that up as well).

W00t! Thanks hun! ^_~

Well, I got a call back from Nova about the time question. My request is PERFECT for them becase they aren't even sending anyong out for the first quarter until March. So March, April, and even May is A-okay! So expect me to be there in April darlin'! Just gotta make the interview, and I'll be on my way! Maybe you can even show me around a bit! =D
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 13th, 2004 04:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
Yaaay!! ^__^ Of course I'll show you around!!! ^_______^ I'll take you to Akihabara, Ikubukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya and we'll hit the town like the dorks that we are!! ^__^ XDXD

Heeh... there's a tiny chance that I'll ask you to pick up some clothes for me, though probably not... but if you see any polo shirts with half sleeves floating around, lemme know!!! ^.^
Elvy: So Sexthysoundsoft_elvy on October 13th, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
Sure thing sweetheart! Take measurements of yourself and stuff and send them to me, that way I know what size to get for you.

OH MY GOD! You're SO taking me to Akihabara! That's the first thing on our list no matter WHAT! I wanna have technology sex RIGHT there in front of the stores! ROFLOL!!

Oh! Did you manage to download the zips for the other 3 Digital Boys yet? ^_^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 14th, 2004 05:19 am (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
ROFLOL!!! I have to remind myself to get a measuring tape. XD Of course I'm taking you to Akihabara! ^.^ You'll love it, though it's a little overwhelming at first! And then we can go out and eat some nummy japanese food!!! <3
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 14th, 2004 05:20 am (UTC)
Re: Nova work attire?
Oh, I forgot to mention.. I haven't downloaded the zips yet, but I will right away! ^^ I had an early day at work today. ^^;;; wah.
Bethany☆彡 (べス)sourangel on October 13th, 2004 04:39 am (UTC)
Hi, I came to your journal through clicking on some random links and friended you. ^^ I'm actually living just outside of Tokyo(basically between Tokyo and Chiba city). I got my alien registration card the other day too(kinda freaky) and yeah...the pinkness of it kinda surprised me too. ^^;; I think I went to that TGI Friday's a couple weeks ago too. ^^;;;;
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 13th, 2004 07:16 am (UTC)
Cool! ^__^ Why did you come to Japan? ^^
Bethany☆彡 (べス)sourangel on October 13th, 2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
I'm here for a semester to study at a university in Chiba. ^__^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 13th, 2004 04:36 pm (UTC)
Ah, you're sooooooooooo lucky! I would give anything to be here to study instead of work... ^-^;
Hentai Tenshihentaitenshi on October 13th, 2004 11:40 pm (UTC)
I have a program called Instant Immersion Japanese, it has a translator, games and lot of other stuff. If you like, I could send you copies (its 4 CD-Roms total). Its really easy to follow, and everything you need is on the disks ^^ Let me know if you would like them! ^_^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 14th, 2004 05:21 am (UTC)
Thanks for the offer, Hentai-chan!! ^___^ I actually already have these CDs, and I brought them with me. I'm just so lazy that I haven't looked at them yet! ^^;;;;