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Wow, there's so much that I want to write, but my internet was out ALLLLLL morning... T_T I wanted to get on and RP too, and woke up early for it and everything.. *sighs* Oh well... I miss it like no tomorrow, and I really want to do something for Tagesanbruch..

Well, maybe tomorrow night if I have a chance.. but I might not really have a chance since I have to get up early both tomorrow and Sunday. But Monday and Tuesday are off again, so that will be better. ^^ *sigh* I'm making lots of friends now, but I still crave for my friends back in the US. I'll have to write them all emails and/or letters soon.. I have to figure out where to buy envelopes at least. ^.^;; I haven't seen them yet.

Oh well.. off to work now!! It really sucks working fulltime.. >.>;; I feel sorry for those of you that have to do it also. I think in the future I'm going for a job where you only work parts of the year, but those parts you really dedicate yourself, like archaeology. ^.^;; Mmmm, yes.. that sounds great!! <3
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