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07 December 2002 @ 02:54 am
This is what you get when it's your birthday.. ^__^  
I am too lazy to edit the names in this long of a conversation.. does anybody mind, and I'll go ahead and do it tho. ^_^;;;

Hinoai: *smiles* it's your birthday... and today you can have anything that you want... ^__^
youji WK playboy: that's the way b-day's work
shumea chan: ..... I want Yuki Eiri....
shumea chan: And Sanzou-sama
shumea chan: And Tsuzuki
shumea chan: And Kurapika
shumea chan: And Hisoka
shumea chan: And Kougaiji
shumea chan: And Watari
shumea chan: And Aoshi
shumea chan: And Battosai
shumea chan: And Soujirou
shumea chan: And Tasuki
Hinoai: *hands Shumea-chan the many bishounens on leashes* All yours =^_^=
shumea chan: And Hotohori
shumea chan: And Hatsuharu
shumea chan: And Shigure
shumea chan: And Ayame
shumea chan: And ...
shumea chan: THANKS!!! =^-^=
youji WK playboy: hehe now where will you keep them all?
Hinoai: *hands her also multiple packages of "instant bishounen". Just add water, and you get any bishounen you want!"
youji WK playboy: You're handy to have around hinoai
Hinoai: I'm good with procuring bishounen... I have a lot of practice ^_^
youji WK playboy: LOL got that power offline too?
Hinoai: *sad look* I wiiiiish....
Hinoai: /me is an online magic user ^__^
youji WK playboy: ^_^ oh well it was worth a shot
Hinoai: ooh! But irl, I can scare them all away!! It's a gift ^__^
youji WK playboy: LOL that's a BAD thing. ^_~ unless you're just trying to see them from behind
shumea chan: LOL
shumea chan: Can I have Ryuuichi too?
shumea chan: And Tatsuha
Hinoai: hey, them be some fine asses ^__^
shumea chan: And Hiro
shumea chan: And Shuuichi too
Hinoai: Hai! *hands over Ryu and Tat* You have to promise to force them into hot yaoi sex tho ^__^
shumea chan: I want them all~~
youji WK playboy: LOL
Hinoai: *hands over the entire Gravi cast*
shumea chan: *grins* definitely!!
</font>youji WK playboy: even ayaka-chan?
Hinoai: oooh, and will you videotape it for me?
shumea chan: Sure thing! *kiss*
youji WK playboy: ::gives Shumea a digital video camera then::

I was looking through pics from 2 months ago, and found this... I'm the one in the stripey green shirt.. :P I just felt like sharing for some random reason... =^_^= lessee... in the pic are (l to r) Justin, Curtis (curtisleach), Josh, Jason, Ron (satanclaws), Rachel (reichiere), Megan, Me. ^__^

Oh yes.. YOU ALL MUST GO SEE TREASURE PLANET!! Really.. It kicked the asses of every Disney movie since the lion king.. Good music, good character designs, amazing expressions and animation.. It was really really good.. I have to go see it again.

Ahh, back to chatting and making my eyes tired. :P night!!
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