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01 October 2004 @ 11:04 am
Still hanging out in Japan.. In all honesty I like the place, I just don't like being lonely. ^.^;; I like having my personal space, but I prefer to know that there is someone close to me that's just a short jump away. ^^ You know what I mean? Looooooooonely... *grabs all of her friends and whisks them over*

LOL yesterday was quite the adventure. I asked my coworkers how to use the ATMs to take money out, and they told me the general idea (since I can't read the buttons), but then one of them stressed that there was an English button on the machine....... Noooooope, no english button. -_-;; But I did manage to randomly guess the right buttons until it spit out monies. XDD Whee! My next effort will be to figure out how to connect that account to my paypal account. I know that I have to be able to do it, since NOVA does direct deposits into the account, so it must be a checking account..

Eda and I have plans for Sunday night/Monday morn that should hopefully help some of the loneliness ^.^;;, and then Nicole and I have plans for the following Monday to hit the town. That should be fun too!! aalfonso, we need to get together and plan something too! Are you free on Tuesday?

I've been thinking about halloween a lot. It's a Sunday, so I'll be working, but I want to dress up anyways. I keep getting a "no" when I ask, but to hell with them. If I can find a costume that doesn't break the dress code then it shouldn't be a problem! ^___^ Aaaaand, it just so happens that the costumes from the third Harry Potter movie don't break the dress code! So I'm going to try for that! *grins* I'll just leave off the robe and only wear that outside of classes, if I have it at all. I need to get a sewing machine if I'm going to make that, so we'll see.. I'll have to go out and look tomorrow after work since I get out early. Basically I would just be wearing a knee-length ish pleated gray skirt and a button-up white dress shirt with a tie. Plus socks and loafers. ^.^ Easy! The dress code for women states that we must wear a shirt with a collar (or a jacket) and either socks or pantyhose at all times, and those are the ONLY stipulations. Heh. I could almost get away with a PoT costume (because of the collar), but probably not, since it's not dressy enough. Anyways, I'm going to do that.. must find out where to buy a sewing machine next.

Oh, and I've been downloading series like nobody's business... I'm downloading season one of Dead Like Me and Joan of Arcadia, and my old favorite SeaQuest DSV. I need to return to watching anime, man.. I might do that before I go to work this morning if I have time, or I might just succumb to the urge to watch the end of Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban again.. >.>;;; I watched the first half of the DVD rip last night just to relive it, and the rest is begging for my attention! ^^;; I guess we'll see how fast I can get ready for work!! O_O

Oh, and I've started playing Ragnarok Online and Myst III:Exile again. Oooooooo, I really want to get Myst 4 now!! *eyes the advertisement* I think I'll order it off Ebay once I figure out how to work this bank account thing..
Current Mood: lonely
Current Music: John Williams - Mischief Managed
Jessraindancer_jess on September 30th, 2004 09:31 pm (UTC)
Hooray, Exile! Have you finished and are re-playing, or just now finishing?