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got up late today ^_^;

*points to icon* OMG, it's me.... I wanted to use it at least once before I got embarassed and deleted it.. =^_^;;;= I love the picture, because I actually look pretty in it... but I'm just not really into showing off pics of me.. ^_^;;;;; now, my artwork is another story!

this is my way to live

What about yours?

made by rav-chan

^__^ Fun, that's me... =)
From Four-Pronged Fork - The Boob Quiz~ You are Auroran Flash!
O-o? Who is Auroron Flash?? But yay, I have a mystical boob diesase!! =^__^=

Ooh, I already told her like thirty times last night, but Happy Birthday shumea-chan!!!! I love birthdays, if you couldn't tell... they're great ways to celebrate and feel loved. ^__^ So yes, we all love you Shu-chan, and I hope that you're having a great day so far! I'll send you your present in a few weeks (after I go to LA)... *grins*

I had so much fun chatting w/people last night... though we never really good a good solid rp going.. -_-;; I played out a few private ones with various friends.. O-o and I feel so bad for falling asleep on my one with Shumea! Ack!! O-o I guess I was more tired than I thought... or I was narcoleptic.. :P ^_^;;

Hmmm... no school today so that means that I'm going to work on homework, and my Tokyopop manga submission.. Got go get that thing done soon.. Ooooh, I just so wish that it wasn't due until next month!! I have this large 3 week break and all.. -_-;;; Oh, and I'm gonna go see Treasure Planet tonight at 9:10... I've heard that it's really good, so I'm excited about that. ^__^

I am right now trying to figure out how tot get my current user icon to display on my main page... damn... why isn't this a default option, instead of just showing your one default pic?? Gah..

which reminds me.. I need to make the Yuki icons for Shu-chan! Oooh, I will remind myself and do a bunch in a little while. ^__^ That way she'll have some good ones to pick from if she doesn't like them all. ^__^

Gonna go help reichiere move her things today.. ^_^;; It's a good thing that I feel a lot better!! Which reminds me -- thank you, everyone who wished that I would feel better!! *huggles* I love every single one of you! *hands out love cards*

Wow.. I am just rambling on, are't I? ^_^;; gomen ne.... There's still a few things that I wanna say before I go off to take my shower...

Death to the person that deleted Ai no Kusabi off the ftp!! I swear up and down that it was on there, and some other yaoi too... but I got a request last night for it, and was like... isn't it already there?? I checked, and it's gone now, so for fun I dug up all of the yaoi anime that I had... and am in the process of posting it in the videos---anime---hentai---yaoi section. ^__^ Yay, I love to share!!! *grins* Not all of it's strictly hard yaoi, but most of what I'm putting in there have at least one really yaoi moment, so they're in there for protection against minors.. Shonen-ai stuff is still in the main anime part (not that there is a lot of it--Gravitaiton, Yami no Matsuei, Mirage of Blaze)
Stuff that I'm uploading:
Bronze, Zetsuai since 1989
Ai no Kusabi 1, 2, and prologue
Be x Boy Kidnappin' Idol (raw)
Fish in the Trap
Fujimi no Orchestra
Level C (has chinese subs tho... must replace this later)
Lesson XX

I'll have to go track down some more... heheheheeeee.... This is gonna be fun ^____^

The is my elf character Darksky in a renaissance outfit... Edgewater told me to draw it, so I did.. :P If I get of my butt, I'll send it off to Elfwood too.. ^_^ Darksky is one of my oldest and most favorite characters.. I just adore her to death.. She used to live in Ivy Holt, but now happily resides in Rock's Den Holt with my good friend Talon. Speaking of Talon, oooh, I loooove you!! I need to remember to get you a Christmas persent too!! I've known her for 5-6 years now, but never met her.. yet I would still consider her one of my closest friends... and I've never even called her on the phone... *waves to Tal-chan*

moving on... pictures of Ryuichi x Tatsuha inspired from our RP... ^_^ Everyone likes the first one more, except me.. :P I have a really good idea for one in mind, so hopefully soon I'll have that one done... so many things to draw.. ^_^;;

This one's a few months old... but while we're on the subject of Yaoi... Nagi x Omi.. *grins* I love the way that Omi looks.. but Nagi looks like crap.. I need to learn to draw Nagi better.. wayy better!! Not to mention, make his head a little bigger.. O-o.. which reminds me, kyofujimaya-chan, we need to finish that RP.. =^__^ =

Old one for Kingdom Hearts that I didn't finish.. :P soundsoft_elvy-chan liked Riku's arm.. ^__^

Yes, this is a GUY.. This is a pic I did from last semester, just felt like sharing.. :P It's Shion from the manga that I'm so diligently working on, Yume to Yume... He yaois with my other bishounen, of course.. =)

Ohhh... that was long. :P Must go get ready to help Rachie move... ^__^ ja ne!

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