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*fangirl moment*

Sure, I've been having a lot of them, so excuse me..... but..........

Prince of Tennis #77!!!! OMGOMGOMG!! Kouhei's voice is the same as Killua's voice! I just realized that, watching it......... *dies of happiness* Aaaaaaah, Killlua-samaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! <3<3<3 I miss you Killua!

*pouts because she wants more HxH*

Dude... and are Kouhei and Youhei really guys? O-o They look like girls, sound generally girly (especially Youhei), but they have no boobs... and PoT doesn't seem to have any girls on any of the other teams. I was under the impression that it's segregated.. but I just find it so hard to believe that they're boys! O_o
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