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more work to do....

Awww, me is sad that shumea-chan signed off before I got back... =( Damn Best Buy and their hour long line *grrs* /me misses her.. I hope you feel better!! *hands you some tylenol*

but oh well... I suppose I will work on homework: my 3d project.. ICKICK ICK ICK ICK!! *hates 3D work*

I bought Lilo and Stitch.. YAY! It's such a cute movie... definitely one of Disney's best! ^^;

Oh yeah... soundsoft_elvy gave me one of the funniest sights of my life this morning! We were watching the new Lord of the Rings Extended version, and every time she saw Legolas, she was practically having instant orgasms!! *grins* I haven't seen her do that since she first saw the new Cloud in Kingdom Hearts! And this was about 39 times worse.. ^^! You know, they say that you lose weight every time that you orgasm.. well, she must have lost, like, a hundred pounds!! =^_^=;; *g*

One more thing... artworks by me... this is an in-progress piece for illustration class.."

This is Hinoai and Yume from the manga that I'm working on.. the project was to design a book cover, so I'm doing one for my manga if it ever gets published. ^__^ The story has changed a little bit from the one that's on my website.. but the core of the story will be about how love knows no boundaries.. and how these two girls fall in love despite themselves. =^__^= Think: very angsty, and will eventually have some fantasy elements.. So, basically, a shoujo-ai story.. there will be some shonen-ai in the secondary characters, but the love between the two main girls is what the story will revolve around.. ^_^

That's Hinoai (red hair) (who I take my online namesake from), and Yume (green hair). The two characters that fall in love.. the story is tentatively titled "Yume to Yume."

Yes now, off to do homework.. -_-
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