Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

More pictures!

These are the pictures from the time that I moved in to stay with Valerie, until I left Phoenix. ^_^ There's not too many, but there are some of my less-photographed good friends. ^_^

I don't know why my camera likes to take fuzzy pictures.. Oh wait, yes I do, it's probably because I've dropped it so many times. ^^;; Oh well, I still love it dearly!

This is a pic that Val's stepdad took of me cutting the birthday cake that they made for me! ^__^ It was sooo nummy!!

Here's redshoeson at her best at my going away party! ^.^

zealousceles and redshoeson

satanclaws, shikka, and _dac_ at the party


kawaii_gurl and her boyfriend Al

Just the girls! ^.^

Mistah Sushi! I just loved this truck so I had to take a picture! ^^;;;;

Ron with his new George Foreman Grill. XDDDD It's a loooooong story, that one.
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