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Happy birthday kyofujimiya!!!!

Much <3 to my onee-chan!! I can get away with saying this now because it's still her birthday in Phoenix. >=D I wish that I'd gotten the chance to say it earlier!!!!! <3 We'll have to party it up sometime this weekend! *nodnod* Oooh, and you lucky thing you! You can now rent a car and sign for your own school loans! I'm so jealous!

^_^ *hugs all* I had quite the boring day with Dusty being at work.. I read 5 volumes of GTO, though, so I suppose it wasn't all wasted. ^_^;;;;;; OH!!!!! And I found out that one of my oldest friends, Talon, lives in the area! Close enough so that it's a local call to call her!!! <3 Wai! I'll have to get over my nervousness, and call her tomorrow! *nods* We've known each other for, what... 9 years? 10 years? ^_^ It's been a looooooooooooooong time, and it would be the best thing ever to finally get to meet!!! <3<3 I hope we can work something out!! <3

Tomorrow we're going to go see Loveland castle in the morning, and then Dusty has to work in the afternoon/evening. The castle is supposedly haunted, so that will be really neat!!! =^_^= Wai!

And now... rp time! O_O For the first time in ages! O_O Did I mention that it's thundering outside??! WAI!!!!!!! <3<3<3 I'm waiting for the sounds of rain too!!
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