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31 July 2004 @ 09:38 pm
For all the doubters, nonbelievers, the cynical that once were dreamers...  
Life is so... strange. Maybe that's not the word for it. I was looking more for "fast".... Life is going by in such a whirlwind right now that it's crazy. >.>;; I'll be leaving my apartment in the next few hours and heading for Gilbert, where Val and her parents live. They gave me the spare bedroom, which is awesome, at least until Wed. After that, apparently I'll be sleeping in Val's room (she keeps giving up her bed for me, ach!! O_o). I've been telling her that it's like one big, long sleepover.

Mmmm, so sore... I don't wanna leave, and yet I do. Strangely enough, I've been feeling better when I'm at Val's than when I'm here, probably because of the close proximity of a good friend. Not to mention, all of my other friends are closer, which is always a plus. <3

Side note: I have WAYYYY too much stuff. We took over a bunch the other day, and I've stuffed my car to capacity now. All that's left to go in it is my backpack, my purse, my computer, and myself. I'll have to fanagle things so that they fit... and I can't wait until I have the chance to get rid of some of it. Does anyone know if there's like, a computer renaissance near here? I want to get rid of my old computer. True, it's not that spectacular, and I probably can't get more than $20 for it (T_T), but it's not like I'm ever going to use it again, you know. ^_^;;

Tomorrow I'm going to go hang out with Athy for the day. That should be fun, hopefully like old times! ^_^ We might go to the Swap Meet too to look for luggages for me, but I dunno. Mostly, I just want to have a blast hanging out with her! <3

So..... this is Hi-chan, signing off, I suppose. ^_^;;; Basically, I'm not going to have steady (or fast) internet connection until after I get to Japan. But.. I'll pop in occasionally and try to check my email daily! *huggles all*

By the way.......... I'm going to be giving calls to people in the area to spend time with them this next week! ^_^ Look forward to it and feel free to email me your number if I don't have it! ^.^
Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen
回る子: kousuke (herchuckness)mawaruko on July 31st, 2004 10:41 pm (UTC)
*hug hugs* I'm sorry things have been stressful lately, with the sadness, friend issue and other stuff. Hopefully things will get better soon ^^
long gone with her red shoes on: frog hugredshoeson on August 1st, 2004 10:05 pm (UTC)
Hee, enjoy your time here and wherever you go! ^_^ Keep in touch!