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30 July 2004 @ 03:07 pm

Happy Birthday soundsoft_elvy!!!!!

Elvy, I wish you lots of scantily clad Australian hotties, and one on the side dressed up as Bonta-kun!! ^.^ <3

*coughs* ^__^ Gah... I'm back at the apartment, and I'm going to stay the night over here so that I can use the time to clean up. And, I mean CLEAN UP. X_x There's so much to do that it's insane! I have to go get some things this weekend too. *flops over* Lots to do, lots to do.. *bustles around* And I'm a little worried about the cheap flights thing... hmm.. *ponders* I might have to ask for another voucher if she has it, because apparently they don't do flights from here to Chicago on Alaska... I would have to get a connecting flight through Seattle and I don't know if that voucher will count for two flights. We'll see. That's all things that I can worry about after I get to Valerie's again tomorrow night. This time for good.

Mmm, and Seattle was fun yesterday, though awfully tiring. *yawns heavily* The aquarium rocked my world! Dim sum with Elvy was also awesome this morning! <3<3<3 I wish that I could have stayed longer. T_T Oh, and she talked me into possibly cosplaying Full Metal Panic with her, heh.. ^_^

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Strangely enough, I think that's right. ^_^;;
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