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today et al.

Ohhhh... I have SO much that I need to get done now....

I was uberlate (because I haven't checked the boards in a week ^^; ) to the Anizona panel at the ADF anime thing at Bookmans. ^_^;;;; Oops. I will check the boards more often, promise! I didn't know that it was moved to an earlier time..... I had a fun time hanging out anyway, and OMG... Athy's hair is tre beautiful now!! <3 I love love the red streaks! I'm thinking of copying her.. ^_^;;;; (sort of)

>.>;; We have another severe thunderstorm warning, and yet... *looks up* no thunderstorm. This has been the crappiest monsoon season ever. O_o It's only rained a significant amount once, and there hasn't been much in the way of lightning shows. *rolls eyes* Oh well.. I'll have enough of that in Seattle soon. ^_^

Well... my gigantuan list of things to do....... I called Val and have her asking her mom tonight about me staying there. ^_^;;; It should be fine, but I've been asking her over and over and over and over to ask to make sure.. I'd be staying there a week and a half or so, with a tentative flight date of the 10th next month. That's next on the list of things to do.. I must get the vouchers that I was promised next week and make for-sure flights.

Next on the list is Nova... Is it just me, or is the communication bad right now? ^_^;;; I emailed them last week, and I'm going to give them until partway through Monday to email me back, and if they haven't gotten back to me by 1 or so in the afternoon, I'm going to call them and see what's up as far as expected leave-dates. ^_^ I need this to make for-sure plans.

Until then, I'm mostly concentrating on packing things up here in the Apt. It looks like I'll be leaving on Wed night, and only be back to clean up next weekend with Ron. I'm going to be giving away a TON of anime stuff to my friends.. more to come on that later.

Things to get...... I need to get 2 large rolling luggages and 1 carry-on size. Those will come week after this coming one, and I was thinking of going back to the Mesa swap meet, because they had good deals. I need to get some kind of a small jewelry case, and some kind of a small makeup case (going to look for both in a min). The rest I'll buy after I get home because Mom will probably pay for it.

Need to organize b-day/going away party, and various hanging-outs. LOTS.. I think that the time after this coming week will be mostly dedicated to that. Wow.. I'm REALLY going to miss you all!!! T_T It keeps hitting me... T_T But it's not like I won't be back. I want to come back for Anizona and AX... Those are really dependent on vacations and prices for flights, but I'm hoping for them. ^_^ If nothing, Anizona takes priority, because even though I'll have to take a sideline on the development side after I leave, it's still something that I helped put together, and I want to be there to experience what it's like. ^__^ I'm still going to keep as involved as I can from afar, once I leave, and of course help out at-con. I want to inundate myself in the cosplay/masquerade section soonish. ^_^

Still waiting on Keenspace to get back to me.. >.> Oh, and I need to find a Citibank because apparently they have branches in Japan and it's best to get an account through them before you go. Oh, and still looking for the best solution of what to do with my car. Must look for that mythical place Elvy told me about. XD

Haha, and come on... you WANT to join yaoi_hp_rp! I'm much amused by the plot between Snape-mun and I! It's crack... total crack, and I love it! =^__^=
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