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02 December 2002 @ 12:11 pm
Personal Notes  
So I don't forget: Homework due this week:

Animation Layout: work on backgrounds... but this can wait
World Lit: 10 pg research paper rough draft
Adv. 3D Animation: Finish modelling and rigging Darksky character (easier said than done). Explore hair options
Adv. Image Manip.: Web Animation Piece =(
Illustration: Finish book cover design. Make type overlay. Get color copy. Pick out poetry piece.

Personal Projects: Yume to Yume manga.. MUST be done in less than 2 weeks!! (!) Final script must be done first.
Clean up kitchen.. is terribly messy from dinner.
Update webpage. HaHaHa like I have time for that.
X-mas shopping in less than 2 weeks!! ^__^ Los Angeles here I come! ^__^
Current Mood: busy