Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Aishiteruze Baby 14-15

OMG!!! <3<3 Shouta-kun is like a little Nagi!!!!! It's Nagi-chan!! Nagi the little boy! He not only looks like it, he's got what I could totally see as a family life and attitude for him in the past!

I can't wait until Shouta-kun finally blows up at his mother! Then again, that's probably the Nagi-lover part of me speaking ^_^;; But seriously, I can't stand to see parents abuse their children like that! It makes me upset, and I was yelling at the screen...... WHY did they let Shota go back with his mother?!?!?!!!!! Argh, and what a horrible mother! I  know they try to make us sympathetic of her by giving her the solo scenes, but really, it just made me dislike her more... Argh... >.> You just DON'T treat a child that way. T_T

Go, Shota-kun!!! You can overcome it!!! <3 Your dad seems good, so go live with him!!! <3 I hope that he divorces that mother........ X_x

Ahhh, I love getting passionate about what happens in an anime!!!!! This reminds me of the Marmalade Boy days.. ^.^
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