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22 July 2004 @ 02:50 pm
I feel good today. ^__^ Probably because I just got off the phone with Chrissy, who I haven't talked to in a LOOOOONG time. It was wonderful catching up! *grins* I'm going to make time to hang out with her sometime next week. ^__^ Tonight I have dinner plans with the wonderful redshoeson, and I just can't wait!!!! *bounces* We have soooooo much to catch up on too! Mina is my gossip pal, I think, because both of us love to just talk and talk about everything that's been going on and how all of our respective friends and families have been doing! =^__^= All good stuff, though. It's so much fun to just catch up with her, and hang out for a little while! Besides, who could refuse the company of such a pretty girl! ^.~

Last night, I watched The Bourne Identity, mostly because the sequel looked interesting, and I found a DVD rip for download. ^.^;;; I'm really glad that I watched it, actually! I must go out and buy the DVD (or rather... pretend to buy the DVD because you know I don't need MORE things to take with me. XP). It was really good!! I love movies that make you think. ^___^ It doesn't happen nearly often enough! I hung out with shikka for a little while also, and then went to the bookstore and ran into kanvis! I miss you Chris!

Whee! So it's a good day so far! I need to start packing soon, and call Val.... both I think I will take care of tomorrow, and I'll just use the rest of today to work on artistic pursuits before I run off to see Mina! =^___^=

By the way... thank you to everyone who commented with good wishes on my post about my future plans!! =^__^= I was actually pleasantly surprised, and it feels great knowing that so many of you are behind me! ^___________^ Sankyuu sankyuu sankyuuu!! ^.^

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Ahhh, Kako, I guess we're meant to be together after all! XDD
Current Mood: energetic
Dusty!: long wongdriley1 on July 22nd, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC)
But see... long wong... ;_;

Hi-chan (火ちゃん): Me - Long Wonghinoai on July 22nd, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
Everybody knows by now that I don't like long wong's.. so I guess you're outta luck, sorry!