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I just did something that I haven't done in a long time... I got up and read fanfics, first thing. I used to start out pretty much every day like this, but I fell out of the habit over a year ago. Why did I ever stop..? I mean this as a philosophical question. I know that I stopped because I didn't have the time, but really... I should have made the time. I feel so at peace now, and my creative juices are flowing to their max. It's fun to see what others have written and drawn.... of course it doesn't help that the subject of this morning's fanfic search was NagixBrad... Actually, I was looking for a particular NagixOmi fanfic that I keep foregetting where it is, and came across this one that I hadn't read yet. NagixBrad was only a small part of the overall story, but I kinda skipped the rest and just read the parts dealing with them. ^^ While Brad seemed a tiny bit ooc, it was really good nonetheless. Damn him for breaking Nagi's poor little heart, but I feel happy that it all turned out in the end. =) Now, I feel like writing fanfic, or something.... or maybe looking up something sweet to read. =)

I drew Chocolate Kiss strips the other night. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but anything was good... the only thing was, apparently Keenspace deleted my account again.. >.>;; That's my fault for not updating, I suppose.. I applied for a new account under the same name, and supposedly I should be getting my password within the week... I hope. X_x *dies*

It seems like I've been reading a bit too much recently. Can you read too much? Sometimes it stresses me out, because when I get involved in a good book I tend to ignore everything else in favor of reading it.. but I love to read. I won the library's summer reading programs when I was in high school, because I spent almost my entire summer reading. ^__^ Right now, I'm reading something random that I picked up while  I was at Borders with alsie, and I'm really really glad that I did.


okay, I wrote that this morning, before I took one of the world's longest baths. *grins* I love long baths!!! It's too bad that the water keeps running out of the bathtub though, until it's too shallow to cover much of anything. >.> I finished my book, which was amazing, although the end wasn't too climactic. It was kind of predictable, actually.. but it was stilll an AWESOME book. ^___^
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