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20 July 2004 @ 03:16 am
Happy Berfday Athy!  
I'm an insomniac tonight, apparently. (I think it's all the caffeine in the midol/excedrin/soda/tea that I was taking to get rid of the cramps). But that's cool, because I can wish more berfday happies!

Happy Birthday athenazandrite!!

I wish you lots of naked and willing Illumis, Kurapicas, Johnny Depps, and muscly underwear models! ^.^;;

XD Every year I nearly catch up to you, and you turn another year older! Darn you! XP I'll have a present for you the next time that I see you (and one for Nav since I missed her Bday when I was at Acen)!

Happy berfday Happy happy berfday! Happy berfday, happy happy happy happy happy happy happy... day!