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14 July 2004 @ 02:29 pm
Tado Bell  
Does anyone know where to buy Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce in bulk format? It's the best nacho cheese sauce that I've ever had in my entire life.. but I can't find anything to even compare. Some people have told me that it's sold in certain stores, but I've never seen it. I've seen their sauces sold and certain taco mixes, but never ever the cheese. T_T I want the cheese without having to go to the drive-thru and paying 0.59 for a tiny little container.

It's so... mmmmmm....

And while I'm on the random subject of Taco Bell.. is anyone else having trouble with the quesadillas there? I used to LOVE them. I would get them all the time. But ever since they've come out with the chicken quesadilla, they've been randomly putting this nasty sauce on them. Sometimes I get a quesadilla and it's made the old way with the green chili sauce, and then suddenly I'll order it and it will come out nasty. X_x I'm so tired of it being made wrong randomly, where I have to ask to make sure now. X_x It's like there is no standard for it anymore.

Ahh... now I need Taco Bell for lunch. ^_^;; And I'd been doing so well on my "I'm going to eat healthier" plan. XD Oh well. I'll still eat healthy, it's not as if I'll gain a lot of weight or anything. ^_^;; I'll just stop losing it so fast.

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I'm very sorry for you, slytherinblack.. O_o To be cast as Mr. Reines.... X_x Strangely enough, I could see the rest of them working. XD
Current Mood: hungry
rosasda_rosas on July 15th, 2004 02:06 pm (UTC)
Weee, I get to be Sydney! That is too funny for words, but it fits!!! Thank you! XD

[Yeah, sorry for the exclamation points, I just get carried away.]