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23 June 2004 @ 01:52 pm
over, over..  
I feel like my own vacation is over, when in fact, it's only just begun. It's kind of strange, really. I haven't been home much the last couple of days. I feel like I'm denying myself something, like I should be bouncing off of the walls right now because I've just had an amazingly fun and crazy 6 days. But I can't bounce.. I'm just kind of in "blah" mood right now, because I dropped Dusty off at the airport a few hours ago. He should be en route to Houston, TX at the moment. There was a lot of crying on both parts, because really, I don't think that either of us wanted the other to go. It was just so nice... I spend a lot of time around my friends, but Dusty doesn't have the luxury that I do, so I think it was even harder on him than it was on me *huggles*

I guess.. I'm going to try to look on the good side, and sum up his visit as being a long ride of crazy fun. We had a great time, and connected even more than before. I'm happy.. happy that I have him. Sad that he had to leave. So, can you see my dilemma? I'm thrilled that Alsie's coming down in a few days and that Expo is going to be awesome, that my Nova stuff is in the mail, that everything's going so well. But I'm still sad, in a way that touches me deeply, right now. I'll get over it, of course.. I always do. But I still wish that he hadn't had to go. T_T

There is much love between us, and much fun and connection. I'll make the trip over there next time, to see his world, and it will be great. ^_^ There's that to look forward to, always... It's time to switch my gears over to getting ready for Expo, because there's a LOT to do. But just let me take a little while this afternoon to rest, and dream about all of the fun I just had, and want to have again.
Current Mood: sad
long gone with her red shoes onredshoeson on June 26th, 2004 01:06 pm (UTC)

Gah for long distance.

I have oodles to say on the subject, but in the interest of keeping your boredom to a minimum, will keep it succinct -- LDRs can work. I have a good deal of faith in them. The thing is, they take ubermore work on the parts of both parties involved. You have to be that much more open and honest, etc, etc.

There are major perks to LDRs -- not having to divide time between your significant other and your friends, not having to compromise what you want to do b/c your SO wants to do something else, plenty of time to plan what to do when you're finally with your SO. It also means that you can't rely on the physical -- you have to connect on other levels since you can't always be physically together.

And the sex... Wait, did I say that out loud? *g* All I'm saying is, "Absence makes the <3 grow fonder." (Among other things... ^_~)

There are downsides to LDRs, too, but this is a positive comment, and those shan't be included.

Much <3 and support to you sweetie, and best of luck in this and future ones. ^_~ If you want to talk more about it, drop me a line. ^_~