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LOL, for the sake of rememberance about today's Anizona meeting: "They're gonna die!!" LOL yes, we get the point! XDXDXD It's funny.. I think of myself as getting into the older crowd of the anime fandom because of all of the teenagers, but if you look at the larger picture, I'm really, really young. Especially when I think about the fantasy genre. It's sad, I never really thought about how I'm very young in that fandom! ^_^;;;;;;; I've loved Sci-fi and fantasy, and been a trekkie longer than I knew what anime was. XD Yet, I'm soooo young and such a newbie! Scaaary.. XD I'm 23, nearly 24, and until now, I've just felt so.... old.. XD

Aaanyways. XD Oh, and Elvy's scream in the middle of the meeting... !! LOL I'm going to be remembering that one for a loooong time now! XD I can't wait for Expo!!!

I feel a lot better now. ^_^ I think it's just being around so many people. Generally, I'm a person who likes to be around one or two good friends, or maybe a small group, but this helped. ^_^ Yay! No meeting next week, though.. but that's probably good as I have a lot to do in between now and then for Anizona, not to mention graduation stuff this week! And... visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't expect to hear too much from me while I'm busy entertaining. ^_^

Dusty, I heard our song on the radio on the way home! =^__^= I didn't know it was playing on any stations! <3<3

Because it worked so well for me yesterday, I'm going to make a to-do list for tonight too ^__^

-Finish beading Mellow wig done! And it looks pretty! *__*
-Finalize restaurant plans for party and invitations Check your email!!
-Inquire about who from Acen handles the dealer's hall bookings done!
-Finish washing all of the dishes in the kitchen! done!
-Work on lj layout and/or piccies
-Write to Matt, Matt, and Karen! done!
-Fill out permit application and get ready to mail done.. O_o Though I'm with Elvy on the opinion on this one. X_x
-Answer Sakura's questions about WD ^_^ done!

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 莉子 Riko (jasmine child).
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