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13 June 2004 @ 04:30 pm
Lalala... Hi-chan is hurting for money, bad.. Whee, I can't wait until I start working! (sadly. O_o) It won't be until Alsie leaves middle of next month, but then I hopefully won't hurt for money anymore. Of course.. I'll be saving up for Japan by then, so money will probably still be tight. LOL, story of my life. XP I've gotta scrounge up enough money to finish my lovely costume... *nods* Somehow I'll do it! I have faith in me! ^__^

Aanyways.. been feeling sick all morning. O_o I don't know what it is, unless it's a combination of the heat and the AC. The heat makes me tired, but the AC is soooo cold that both make me feel sick. X_x The only happy medium is when the AC isn't on, but it's still cool. It's fine if it isn't on, because it's not blowing right at me and freezing my toes off. *looks at thermostat* 100 degrees outside right now....... Darn. Where is my 70s? ^_^;;;;;;;;

I have a LOT of work to do by tomorrow.. ^_^;; And the Anizona meeting in a little while. *sighs* But it's all good, Ill hang in there. Maybe it's because I'm so busy that I skipped my period..? I hope that I skipped and it's not just really really late, because otherwise I would have it at graduation, which would make my swimming party be kind of... annnoying. ^_^;; More on the party later.

My Mellow wig looks cool! =) <3<3
Current Mood: blank
Current Music: Pete Yorn - Ever Fallen in Love