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11 October 2002 @ 01:26 am

May Mimiru rest in peace..

You just gotta love life, ne? Thanks a million for the comments, Elvy! I'll have to try to come over and visit soon.. I can always use the time away from here.. ^^;; What are your plans on monday? You're also still invited to the Haunted House tomorrow of course! ^^

Well, time for the useless rambles now.. I wanted to write more after I got back from burying Mimiru yesterday, but it was about 4 am... and since I had an 8 am class, I slipped off to bed instead.. -_- Mimiru had a nice little burial in the desert, with Me, Brenda, Mando, and Jon (!) as the mourning party.. Inside of her little casket (which started out life as a Fed Ex shipping box), she has a towel to keep her warm, and her favorite little rhino stuffed toy. She really liked beating the crap out of it, so it's only fair that she gets to keep it with her forever. I will really miss Mimiru, it was a huge shock to see her go. I didn't cry as much as I thought that I would, but I think that I kind of forced myself to not think about it, since I went right to bed afterwards, and a full set of classes after that. After class Brenda and I went costume material shopping, then I came home and set myself to watching anime, which I just recently took a break from... so I really haven't given myself time to let it sink in..

The ant traps that I bought and made Ron put out yesterday seem to finally be doing their job.. There's only about a hundred ants on the floor of the kitchen at any given time, as opposed to oh, about a thousand.. I still can't stand going in there, though, and avoid the kitchen at all costs.. I burned my dinner slightly because I couldn't get my shoes back on fast enough to go rescue it.. To make matters worse, as if I wasn't paranoid enough about ants, I found one crawling on my pants while watching anime. I screamed bloody murder, which kind of scared Brenda a little.. sorry Brenda-chan.. ^^ Even thought that was like 6 hours ago, I am still scared of the carpet because in my panic I flung the evil little thing into the carpet.. eeps!

Sorry about my ranting about the ants.. I don't care if it makes me sound immature, because they really do scare me. They're evil vicious little things that must be annihilated.. my reasons for this train of thinking is something deeply ingrained into me... I think it is the only real phobia that I have... It's a loooong story that I might write down one day but tonight, I would actually rather talk about the anime that I spent all night watching:

Fruits Basket!!! I'm only just over halfway through, but once I reached episode 5, I couldn't stop watching it!! It's soooooooo kawaii!! At first I loved the neko-boy, but duuuuuuude, cow-boy ROCKS!! It's late, my brain is fried, I can't remember their names.. ^^;; but again, cow-boy ROCKS!! I wanna cosplay him!!!! Better yet, I wanna frame him and put him on my wall!! (or in my bed, whatever)... He's soooo funny, and when he goes into his "black" version.. *g* yeah, I'm gone.. =) Anybody wanna play Yuki so that I can cosplay cow-boy? We could take the most kawaii pictures!! ^^ Or I suppose I could just buy a rat and take pictures with him.. ^^;; but it's more fun with people..

I just thought, how many costumes do I wanna do now for Anime Expo? Like thirty? ^^;; Not enough days or money, I tell ya... -_- The only ones that I know I'm doing for sure are: Nemuria, Atria, Kuroro, and Meroko.. I could fit one or two more in... now which two to pick.. Wack, choices, choices!!

Man, now I wanna watch more furuba... but Ron got up and is using his computer, and even though I defragged my computer, it still can't handle those eps without freezing/chopping/screeching/smelling/being a pain... um yeah, forget the smelling part..

Weee, look at the ramblings!! When your topic switches don't even make sense to you anymore, you know that it's time for bed... so bed it is I guess... (at least I got my mind off of Mimiru and ants for a little while) ^^ YAY!

Current Mood: apathetic
Current Music: Happy Tai - YATTA!
Elvy: Momiji-kunsoundsoft_elvy on October 11th, 2002 01:42 pm (UTC)
Ne ne...time to check up to see how far you are along...

Yuuhi no o yama ni...
teru teru Momiji
Kaeru yato ka gegga

Are you at the song yet? ^_^ *waves finger* Ne ne...after Expo we can always work on more costumes just for the freakin' hell of it. I'll be the Nezumi if you want. ^_^ I've got the bangs for it...I'd just have ot dye my hair a light silver or something and then put in my violet contacts. No sweat! ^_^