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09 June 2004 @ 07:39 pm
Three classes down, one to go. =) Tomorrow's Senior Project class is my last one, and then I'm almost to graduation! =^__^= I graduate a week from tomorrow...........! O_O

Right now, I'm writing from school, in the AVID lab. The computer behind me is burninng a disc, because this one seems to be incapable of it. T_T Stupid thing, wasting my CDs. Anyways... once I burn this stuff, I can head back home and work on my demo reel, which is partway done, but still needs quite a bit of work. I'm not too worried -- I should be able to get it done, no problem! ^.^

Yay, I get to borrow Elvy's graduation cap and gown, so that I don't have to buy one with my completely dwindling fundage... ^^;; Oh man, I'm not having a lot of monies at the moment. But.....! I did get EVERYTHING that I need for Graduation printed! Yay, go me! XD I need to finish cutting out the bookmarks tonight so that I can pass on the edge cutter to Val tomorrow.. but it will come after I'm done with my video! XD Tomorrow we're having a mounting party, XD, to mount our boards. Wheee! It should be fun.... closed room, mounting spray... oh, a recipe for kinky! XDXDXD Hehee, I said mounting.... *collapses into giggles*

Aaaanyways... I haven't even found the spray yet, and you'd think that it'd gotten to me. LOL

Things to do tonight:

-Finish demo reel
-Burn to disc
-Cut out rest of bookmarks done
-Clean bedroom
-Talk to Dusty! XD, well I hope. Then again, nothing new there.
-Decide where to have grad party and start formally inviting people!
-Fill out forms for financial aid clearance!

If I have time:

-Work on webpage
-Work on new bookmarks designs... must read through those preferences people sent in.
-Work on old art I owe people from a post of mine..

XD Lookie all that art! But I feel like drawing for once! Darn reel, get finished!
Current Mood: bouncy