Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
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Maybe I'm sick..?

I'm not sure.. Every time that I wake up, it's because I can't sleep anymore. So I'm up, but an hour or a half hour later, I feel so sleepy again that I have to go back to sleep, just for a nap. This has happened at least 4 times today. Then the last time, I nearly threw up when I woke up sleepily. >.> Ugh... not feeling so hot at all. Man, I wonder what it is..

Edit: Does anyone know how late Bookman's is open on Sundays? The book I've been looking feverishly for is in! Yay! Since I'm going up that way for the Anizona meeting tomorrow, I was thinking about stopping by beforehand to pick it up..
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