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05 June 2004 @ 08:28 am

Happy birthday nintenjoe!!

Wow, so many birthdays this month.. ^^; Bash me if I forget yours when it rolls around.

Yesterday was a wholly non-productive day, but great anyway. <3 I went to see Harry Potter bright and early in the morning, and fangirled over that. (^_^;; ) I talked to some nice people in the line, though. ^__^ After getting home, I saw that driley1 was feeling rather down, so I gave him a call in an attempt to cheer him up a little. I hope that it at least helped a little.. it's nice hearing him laugh. =) *grins* And now we know what to do if his retard-o boss calls while he's on vacation down here. I actually hope that he does! >=D I am teh evil!

Later that evening, soon after getting back from grocery shopping, I got a call from tallanvors! Wai! We chatted for quite a while, and it was much fun! I really liked talking to him.. we need to do it more often! =) We discussed me possibly coming to visit him in Raleigh sometime, which I would LOVE to do! <3<3

I need to call my mom today, and then basically get to work on school stuffages. >.> Graduation is so soon, it's coming up too fast! O_O I have quite a bit left to do! *hurryhurry*

Oh yeah... I had the creepiest dream, that I went on a trip (it seemed to be with school or something) to some place in Texas, and Rachel was there with us.... at first it was awkward, then suddenly we were friends again, and she offered to buy 2 Marmalade Boy t-shirts if I bought one, because there was a deal for buying three and getting them cheaper. O_o Only, it turned out that they didn't have my size. Somehow, though, I ended up with them, and was in this huge hotel room when Rachel laid on my back. (I was laying on one of the beds on my stomach) I was like........ O_o At least I wasn't squished. Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, everyone had packed and was gone. ^_^;;;;;;;; It was an interesting dream.. I wonder what it means.............

On the docket today is swimming.. I must go swimming sometime.
Current Mood: curious
nintenjoe: Pikachunintenjoe on June 5th, 2004 12:04 pm (UTC)
lol, well thank you.