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04 June 2004 @ 02:04 pm
Excuse the HP fangirl for a moment...  

Sirius x Lupin...

And oh, so canon.. Come on.. did you SEE that hug in the shreiking shack?!?!!!!! YUM!! <3<3<3 I thought they were kissing for a moment! (that was my imagination.. but I almost didn't need to use it!!!

I'm also a happy girl that there was quite a bit of Harry x Hermione (which I love) instead of just Ron x Hermione (which I don't really like). <3<3 Unless.. wait, I have a reason to like it, but it's a selfish one. XD

So, the rest of the movie? There was a movie attached to that eye-candy? And while I'm talking about eye-candy, let's not forget to mention. HARRY! Yum! He's.... 14? Man... I just can't sleep with him, right? But I could kiss/cuddle/imagine yaoi with him, ne? <3 YUM! Wow, he's growing up to be such a hottie!!!! Mmmm, and Hermione.. I've drooled over her before, so I'll leave it out of this one. XD <3 Ron is too shaggy to be my type, but he's not turning out so badly either!!

Sirius x Lupin!!! YUMYUMYUMYUM!!


As for the movie.. I liked the more adult flavor to it, though I didn't like the cinematograpy. Yes, I know the director is very highly acclaimed, but I miss the whole grandiose feel of the first 2 movies.. It took about half the movie to get over that. The beginning felt like it was done in the whole comntemporary reality tv style, which didn't fit.. ^_^;; But now that I've worked through tha,t I wanna see it again!

I was sad that they didn't feature butterbeer...... I really really wanted to see it in the movie more prominently than on the side of a box, because that means there's a large chance they could sell it in a store. ^_^;; I want it so badly! Pumpkin juice too! And don't say "make it yourself", because I've tried that, and the melted butter just sits on the top of the drink no matter how many times you stir. ^^;;;

They left out WAAAAY too much, btw. >.> It was kind of sad to see them gloss over important details, like how Hermione got her cat, how Harry got his room in the Leaky Cauldron, and other nummy details that I would have included.

Mmm.. but good movie! <3 JK Rowling is my goddess! I loved seeing Draco as a simpering little coward! XD <3

Oh, btw.... I nearly cried. Must be about that time of the month! ^^;; When Harry conjured the patronus to save himself, my eyes were misting over. ^^;;
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long gone with her red shoes on: fangirls -- prissywitchredshoeson on June 5th, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)
did you SEE that hug in the shreiking shack?!?!!!!!

Totally agree here. ^_~ And Snape's comment, "You're like an old married couple." ^_^

But R/H is canon!! Gah... ^_~ Anyway, did you see the H/H/R moment? When they're all hugging?? Awwww... *g*

I wasn't thrilled with the cinematography either. Some of the views just plain aggravated me. ~_~*

I wanted to see butterbeer, too! Grr!! And *what* was with those shrunken heads?? And since WHEN are underaged wizards not allowed in?

They left out WAAAAY too much, btw.

Agreed. See my review, LOL. ^_~