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02 June 2004 @ 12:42 am
Because everyone else is and it cracks me up:
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tongue: hinoai (ewwww, yuuuuuck! X_x I wonder when the last time I cleaned my keyboard was ^^;;)
foot: hinbooai (hey, I kinda like that! XD)
nose: hinoai (yay, I rock!! ^__^)
elbow: hinopasi (Italian?)
chin: hkinposakj (see, now I sound like a wild animal!)
eyes closed: hinoai (yay!)
eyes closed and one finger: hnoat (ahh, close!)
back of hand: hguionbmoiji (um... yaay! XD)
palm: hinoai (O_O whoa.. how did I manage that? O_o)
wrist: hbi9noai (again...... O_o)
Current Mood: silly