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25 May 2004 @ 06:25 pm
apocalypse now?  
I had lunch with a friend from school today... It was quite interesting. ^_^;; He is probably one of the most pessimistic people that I know, and our talk got very, very interesting at times. ^_^;; There was a lot of debate about what would happen to each of us if there was an apocalypse right now. He, for example, would kill anyone who came near him, because that person would be a drain on his resources, and as such, he wouldn't be able to survive as long. I, however, would welcome anyone in, even if it meant that my life was to be shorter because of their presence. There was a lot of talk abouy human nature and whether or not you can trust people, etc... We're at very, very opposite ends of the spectrum. ^^;; I have to wonder if I came off sounding a bit... fluid.. to the other customers in Sweet Tomatoes. >.>;; <.<;; Probably.... but I can't help it.. I would rather trust people and offer whatever I had, rather than turn them away or worse, kill them. ^_^;;;

It's kind of odd... The debate was interesting, but I came out of it more glad than ever that I'd found someone like Dusty, who would agree with me on most of my viewpoints. ^_^ And unless he's changed in the last day or two, he'd gladly come with me and stand in a fairy circle in Ireland all night just to see what happens. <3<3 Call me smitten!

XD I suppose I'm rather random nowadays.. Hi-chan is floating on a cloud of happiness right now, so the real world isn't making a whole lot of sense. ^.^ You may return to your regularly scheduled programming now, as I return to flash class (the Macromedia kind, not the naked kind). =^__^= Thank you to everyone who wished me luck or well-wishes in my last post!! <3<3
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Hi-chan (火ちゃん): Sensei no Ojikan luvhinoai on May 26th, 2004 02:09 pm (UTC)
Re: hmmm.
Hiiiiii Randomgirl!!! *snugs* I can't wait to see Randomgirl at Expo!!

*bounces* You should make a story like that! I would read it. ^_^