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So... I buy milk for myself.

Yesterday, I looked at it wondering... dude, I must have drank a lot of milk! But I didn't remember that.. Had some more, put it back. (there was several glasses left)..

Today go to get milk in morning as is my ritual.. and no milk. The empty jug is sitting on the counter! >=X Whomever is drinking my milk is going DOWN!!! And I am going to drink all of theirs tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRR! I only have a tiny amount of money, people, and milk is EXPENSIVE! Grrr!! *is not feeding this whole house* I don't eat their food! Grr grr! Now I can't even buy anymore because I'm paranoid! I don't care if we share a bit of sugar and stuff here and there, but not something precious and expensive like that! Milk is.. milk! I have been drinking it to help me eat more healthy! >=X Grr!

*balks* Roommates are stupid! Well, some of these ones.

-Other things to do today.. cats made my toothbrush disappear. >.>;; So I must go buy a new one.. Need to write up ad for giving away the kittens... Poor things are too expensive to keep them all.
-Finish boards if at all humanly possible!
-Mail CD for littletrowa Done!
-am eating lunch with shikka Done!
-chattage! much chattage for later! ^^ Done!
-Call in phone. The phone has been out since Friday. >.> !!!!!! Grr! Done.. but phone is still dead. This is the second time it's happened in two months. *killls Cox* ARGH! Last time it was people cutting the wires downstairs.. you'd think that other people would have called it in too! They are sending a tech tomorrow..

<3<3 to driley1! Good luck job hunting today!!
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