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22 May 2004 @ 06:04 pm
28 days to go...  
I have a LOT, lot lot of artwork to do. ~_~;; Luckily, I can spend all of tomorrow working on it. If anyone asks to go out, I'll have to politely decline, for the sake of, well, graduating.. >.>;; <.<;; But, yeah... 26 days and counting.. Tomorrow, I'll be stuck at the computer all day, joyness. ^^ I <3 my computer!

athenazandrite described me as "social" the other day. I went.. O.o;; Me? Social? I'm randomly shy, randomly not.. but I don't count myself as social. ^^;; Maybe I'm wrong. I'm social in small, small groups. Though I have been trying to meet more people recently, just for fun and making friends. ^^ Today, I'm going to go hang out with glamified_angst and catch a movie (hopefully Shrek 2!) I haven't met her before, so it should be interesting! We're gonna shop around AZ Mills too for a while. Maybe I can pick up my graduation suit. (yeah right)... but I will be looking. ^^

I feel terrible for some of the friends on my friends list who are going through terrible/trying times, or even just bad days.. *huggles all* For all of you I have pictures of kitties! It might not help, but.. ^^;;

I hate saying it when others are so down, but I've been in really, really good spirits the last few days. Once I got over the drama and all of the sadness at being back here and not with certain friends in the midwest, my good spirits have kicked back in! I also feel really energetic. I actually danced in the shower today.. not very good dancing (as it is me), and the shower is rather small for much, but I still danced a bit. ^^ I'm also squealing all the time like a little fangirl. XP There's various reasons for it, all of which combine into major happy!

One thing that was uber-fun was practice last night for our Anime Expo masquerade skit! I feel like I take an extra-long time to pick up the moves, since De-vi is a professional dancer, and Athy and Nav both have done this kinda stuff before. I'm a newbie, but it's still so much fun! I practiced this morning by myself, and though I keep forgetting parts, I'm getting more fluid, I think, as I go along.. and less nervous! All good!!!! *bounce*

Lalala~ I think I need the opening theme to To Heart (the drama not the anime) right about now..! I should also get dressed! hehee! Oh, and people that responded to my picture meme.. don't worry, it's coming! (slowly) I just wanted to mention that I hadn't forgotten about you!! ^^ Wow, I had a lot of sugar this morning... ^______^
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: Des' Ree - Life
alkfhalsidjalssan on May 23rd, 2004 03:38 am (UTC)
EEEEEEEK THEY'RE SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!111 X____X *dies from kawaii-overdose*