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20 May 2004 @ 12:17 pm

Drama.. over. Caput. Yay!

Bai bai drama!!! *waves at it on the way out* Now I have even more of life that I have neglected by going on vacation to get back to.. like saving my precious baby Weissdiaries.. and Expo costumes.. and the Nova interview (14 days and counting!!) ... and.. Graduation!! Oh yes, must not forget that! XDDD 28 days and counting down until I've got my bachelor's degree in my greedy little hand! >=D Ph33r me, when I'm unleashed upon the world!!! =^__^= Or more specifically.. Japan!!! *bounces*

Oh man.. this is going to be a BUSY week! Class today (which I am not ready for.. >.>), then Val and I are getting dinner together tonight, then I meet with Anizona people tomorrow night, and Athy, Nav, Mark and De'vi for our cosplay skit right afterward, and this weekend I need to make plans with some people.. and I want to hang out with Elvy again..! Wai! So busy! I also must clean the apartment and go costume shopping!!

Wheeee~! *bounce* I need to find that wig store again tomorrow!! The sun'll come up.. tomorrow!

Yeah, don't mind me.. I feel a lot better. Bouncy, even.
Current Mood: bright