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10 October 2002 @ 12:05 am
Why oh why do these things happen to me? My day was going alright.. Class was a little boring, but hanging out with friends was fun...

But of course, what happens when I get home? Ants invaded the kitchen sometime in the last 20 mins.. Not just invaded, INVADED. They're all over!! Everywhere!!!!!! I am so phobic about ants.. In fact, I was planning on writing the whole story behind it as soon as I got back from the store.

But fate doesn't work that way.. I got back from buying ant traps (the best ones they had), and eggnog (YES!!!!!!)... but things took a turn for the worse..

When I came in, I found out that Mimiru (one of my cats) had fallen off of the couch.. No biggie there normally, since it happens all the time with animals perched in weird places.. But Mimiru had fallen off the balcony two days ago.. I had thought she was fine, but apparently not.. Something happened inside, and it made her dizzy.. I noticed that she had bubbles coming out of her mouth, and while we were looking up vet numbers, she died right there in my arms.. I don't know what to say.. I guess that I will have to write more later, when I get back.. we have to go to WalMart to go buy a shovel.. and give her a proper burial..

peace out for now.
Current Mood: sad
Current Music: roommates talking..
Elvy: twitchsoundsoft_elvy on October 10th, 2002 08:45 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD!! Mimiru died!?!! But...she was doing so well this afternoon, what happened!?! Oh my god, I loved that kitty so much! She was so sweet!

Gah! The ants return! @_@ God, last night just SUCKED for you! I'm sorry!! ~_~* We'll have to do something next week together or...something. Just give me some time to figure it out. *scratches her cheek* I can't believe mimiru died....that's so depressing. ~_~****