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23 April 2004 @ 12:20 pm
Heheee!!! I feel great today..! Not sure why, just that the hormones must be running a different way. ^.^ Thank you to Kyo, for spending time talking to me a few nights ago when I felt down. ^_^ She's kept it up too, and I dunno.. it's nice to feel important. ^^; Why do you think I run an rp? To have people flock to me, I think. ^^;;;;;;;;; Speaking of RP... I love Weissdiaires and it's very, very dear to my heart, but I think that it's going to probably run to an end this fall or coming winter, probably around the time that I go to Japan, or possibly after. I'm trying to make it fun for everyone, and of course people can still play after that with their characters (I probably will drag my Nagi out a lot), but the RP would officially end, with a BIG plot. Heh... maybe we can make a "shin-weissdiaries" out of what happens.. but by big plot I mean characters dying, and big resolutions being made. I hope that it will be fun. ^__^ But Weissdiaries has been running for almost a year now and it will have been a year and a half before then, so it's probably time that it ends. *luvluv* I want to start a new one (maybe *gasp* my hunter one, finally!) when it's over. I've learned a LOT about modding a game.. this was my first time, so I know hopefully what to do better next time. ^^

Anyways, it's just a possibility, no way set in stone. But it's not over yet, so enjoy yourselves everyone! I need to get plots moving... Totenkreuz needs to get into play (my fault it's not) in order to set up the 'big' plot. I guess I should drop the bomb on here for those that haven't figured it out, that I play Yuriko too. The other screenname that I gave was an old one of mine that I rarely use and hardly anyone knew. Kudos to those very few that confronted me about it! XDDD I was being sneaky! XD Bad, bad me! XP I just thought it would be fun to be just a player for once, and not the mod. ^.^ To see if I was treated differently.. XD I didn't talk to enough people to really figure it out. XDD

Mmm... All of my plans got cancelled for today.. I kind of miss Elvy, Athy, and Nav, but it's allright. I'll see all of them when they're not so busy, and I can spend today catching up on the work that I didn't get done during the week. I'm behind where I wanted to be on my Harry Potter scarf, which is the first order of business, and now that the internet is only half as sucky (I have literally not been able to stay connected for more than five minutes at a time for the last 2 days), I can get back on and do more helpdesk. That's the second order of business. The third is to work on online class stuff that's due tomorrow, and the third is to draw/ink some pieces for Chocokiss to go in my portfolio. Once that's done I'm going to sit and color them and hang around online for a while. Well, that all is my plan, subject to change of course.. but I find that when I write it down, I'm more apt to stick to it. Somewhere in there, I'm going to need to jaunt to the store to pick up cat litter (Ron offered to buy), and then tidy up the kitty area of the house. Whee, am I missing anything?

Oh yes... I crave Schuldig x Nagi numminess! It's all because of Athy's quiz from the other day, I was reminded at how much that interest eats my life! I also crave Kuroro x Kurapica again.. I guess I just crave Athy! XDXD! That sounded pretty dirty. XDD Athy, I craaaave yoooouuuuuu~~! ^.~ XD

XD and I crave Hunter x Hunter... I want to marathon rewatch the entire series again!

Yes, no more silly.. work.. must work. XD
Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Idol Project - Kimi no Heart wo Neraiuchi
very_verydanger on April 23rd, 2004 04:12 pm (UTC)
I'd guess about who's going to die, but it's so canon, I'll be back. >D
long gone with her red shoes onredshoeson on April 23rd, 2004 09:40 pm (UTC)
*hugs your brains out* Wish you were OL more, Hi-chan, so's we could gab.