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life, or something like it.

I was recruited to help with the Acen reg helpdesk. ^.^ I can't answer all of the questions, but I can answer what I know. ^_^ It's not so bad. I went through and weeded out most of the junk email and everything that gets sent there. XD So many virus warnings, and porn spam and whatnot! XDXD I'll spend some more time tonight answering questions.. it's kinda nice. I like helping out, it's just so hard being so removed from the action in Chicago so this is pretty much all that I can do. ^.^

Went clothes shopping and spent about $150 of Ron's money in clothes. ^^;; I didn't even get that much.. clothes are so expensive! O_o I owe him money now.. but I'm glad to have new clothes, even as few as they are. ^_^ It feels nice. I'm going to see if my mom is still going to be good on her promise to order me things out of the catalog. ^__^ Maybe she will, yay! ^_^ Oh, I need to get some new shoes too, some comfy non-sandals. All that I have are sandals. ^_^;; Oh, and a C cup is too small for me now. Some D cups fit and others are too big. O_o omgwtfbbq? I'm not big enough for a Dcup.. but apparently I am. O_o

The kittens are terrorizing me all night now and all day! LOL They're really cute, though, so they're forgiven. ^^

I've been rereading Kushiel's Dart, so that I can reread the second book and go on to the third. I love this book series! I gave a copy to Alsie for her birthday, and I hope that she'll like it too. ^^
I got 100% on my first week of online class.. yay!! ^_^ I hope I can keep it up! ^.^ I still have a bit to do for my other classes, so I'll get that done soon. ^_^

OMG, the amount that I'm excited about Expo knows no boundaries.. YAY! The friends are topnotch and my costume is going to rock!

Oh! And I made my plane ticket reservations for Acen.. I now have about $1 left in my checking account, but I did it, yay! ^__^ I will be arriving in Chicago on Thursday May 13th at 12:40 pm, and then departing Tuesday May 18th at 9:06 pm. ^.^ The last couple days are going to be spent with indirect, and I just can't wait! *bounce* It will be soooooooooooooo much fun!!! *nodnod* tsuki_fru and I made plans to try and recreate our Yaoicon elevator experience at the con. XDXDXD I can't wait! Ahhh, vacations, I luff them! I must be careful about monies, but I can do that. I've been slowly learning how to manage money better, much to my dismay at having to. =P Whee! 9 weeks until graduation! ^_________________________________^

BTW: Good luck, mawaruko!!!!
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