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07 April 2004 @ 08:13 pm
Course Code/Course Title: WS421 Future Trends in Media, Winter 2004
Course Description: Rapidly evolving technologies dictate continual research of the past and present in order to predict future trends. Students will examine futuristic technology scenarios as well as experiment with recent innovations in scripting products and techniques for interactive Web-based multimedia applications.
Course Competencies: -Research trends in Web and multimedia developments.
-Use vector animation tool to prepare projects for inclusion in multimedia projects and on the web.
-Use software to create intuitive interface designs appropriate to platform and target markets.

Sounds fairly like what.. a flash or director class, right?

Instructor: Mehta


There's the folly. He handed us printed copies of this syllabus for the class, and then said "what this says, it's no good. This is how I want to do the class." He wants us to work in 3D on some commercials for the Phoenix Zoo (again). X_x And that has to do with the syllabus how?

But I'm not complaining too much, because I asked for independent study and he said I could (as well as a few others), and that I can work all in 2D. So I'm working on my demo reel animations again. ^__^ Which is GOOD! I'm just perplexed as to Mehta's teaching methods. ^_^;; He doesn't teach. I had two classes with him last semester, and he pretty much did the same thing in both of them. ^_^;;;;;; I learned nothing in either.. but I also did nothing and got away with B's. (Good though, because I used that class time to work on projects for other classes of mine. ^__^ I aced both of those!) XP This semester I want a 4.0 on my report card, to see if I can raise my GPA those fractions of points that I need to graduate with honors. ^^

Anyways... I have nothing to do in class for the next 1 1/2 hours. I'm just killing time on lj and whatever else. Oh, sorry to the people who want me to be on aim more right now. ^_^;; I've been addicted to RO. Give it a week before it dies off. ^_^;;;;;; Dude.

Oh, and took Sora to the vet today to get de-maleified (aka Neutered), and they told me that it would be waaaaaaaaay more than I was originally quoted ($70 more, for a total of $95), because apparently one of his balls never dropped (wonderful subject to talk about at 7 am ^^;). XD As I don't look at my cat's testicles on a regular basis (or at all really, except when he walks on my stomach and sticks his butt in my face, which happens rather scarily frequently), I of course never knew he was an impaired male. XD Poor thing. I had it done and have to make payments because I just didn't have all that extra money this month (I have like... $1 to my name now), and now he's resting at home. I tried to comfort him before I left for class, but he had none of it and went to sulk under the bed. Poor Sora. I will give him extra loves tonight! I had to lock Kairi in the closet for the night again with the kittens, just to give him some peace and quiet, but tomorrow I'll give them all the run of the house unless he feels really bad again. *pets* Poor thing. I really love my kitties, even though they can be annoying in their own quirky little ways, they're always there when I feel bad, and always crave my attention. You can't ask for a better friend than that. ^_^ I'll miss them if I can't take them with me when I move to Japan. ;_; But at least Ron should care for them nicely while I'm gone.

Ahhh, the post office is stupid for closing three minutes before I got there today. XP I drove a hella lot today, to go pick up masquerade forms from Athy's house and then back... 2 hour drive all inclusive there. Then got packages for two people ready to mail, and they were closed. Poo. I'll have to go after class tomorrow.

This class is boring. Wait, I already said that. David was entertaining me by making fun of the teacher and chatting but he left now.. I wonder if I shall as well. Yes yes, good idea. ^_^ RO wants me and RO is at home!

Wore my new les shirt to class and nobody noticed. XD I may do it tomorrow too! XD Evil me! You'd think I want a reputation or something.. hehe. Ick, periods suck btw, and I can't find any tylenol. But I'm hyper! So go fig! XD
Current Mood: bouncy
DAC, the curious little catboy_dac_ on April 7th, 2004 11:55 pm (UTC)
That's weird. At least you get to work on what you want.

You won't lose the addiction. It won't go away. [/pif]

I would have noticed the shirt... (but I didn't see you)
Some other Wednesday perhaps? Could play Unreal after class... *winkwinknudgenudge*