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29 March 2004 @ 09:38 pm
Spring Break has started, wheee~! =^_^= I'm very happy of this fact, and for some reason very tired as well. ^.^;; XD I feel tired all the time, and all I've been doing is watching movies and eating, with a little bit of RP in there somewhere. ^^;; I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which royally sucked as it was decisively boring, and I watched the japanese movie "Dark Water," from the director of "Ringu." Unlike Ringu, this movie was AWESOME!!!! *loves muchly* I love non-gory suspense horror!!!! *__*

I also attempted to draw, watched some One Piece and found it severely lacking. In other words, I can't stand it, but I did LOVE the manga. ^_^; Oh well. I've been downloading the L word, but I can't get any copies of episode 1 to finish. ^^; I'm waiting for Maria-sama ga Miteru 12 and Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final 04 (what a mouthful!) to finish so that I can watch them... and maybe finish up that VERYVERY good WD rp later on. ^_^ We'll see! I feel sorry for Nagi, at this point it could go either way. Though naturally I don't want him to lose. ^_^;;; I was NPCing Layla against Nagi, which is insanely hard. I'd never thought it would be. ^^;; I love Nagi too much even if I'm the only one.

Did things in WD_ooc and behind the scenes... LOL We'll see on all that. I called and got our phone line fixed..... it took them until last night to fix it even though it went out on Friday... Apparently someone broke into some phone box outside and cut a bunch of wires. Happily, they will credit us for time lost. ^^ Oh, and I attempted to draw four different pictures and lost interest in all of them. ^_^;; Perhaps I will work on my portfolio designs instead. I tried to run, and keep waking up too late. I will work on being better about that! At least I'm eating generally better, if you don't count the two hamburgers that I ate tonight that were dripping with grease. ^_^;;; I'm bad. I also entered a random contest with Hewlett Packard and started rereading Kushiel's Dart. There's soooooo many things that you catch the second time though!!! <3

And this is all in the last day. XD Whee! Being lazy is entertaining!

[Edit: HxH was gooooooooooooood!!!! Though no nekkid Hisoka yet. XD He's in the title of the next episode though, so who knows! XD]
Current Mood: tired
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on March 29th, 2004 09:54 pm (UTC)
Dark Water, Dark Water!! It was AWESOME!!!!!

I LOVE the OP manga, but the anime... just takes too long to watch and I get bored. Plus I can't stand almost the entire anime cast. ^_^;; At least the secondary characters.
kireirociel on March 30th, 2004 07:43 am (UTC)
Dark Water love *heartsthemitsuko-ness*

Yeah, the only criticism I'd have to have with the anime apart from the animation is that it drags. When I got 30 eps (I watched a lot in Japan too) my sister says "Who's your favourite character?" "He doesn't come till episode 20" "Oh. So what episode are you on?" "10 U_U"