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18 March 2004 @ 01:54 pm
I did this last year too, but here we goooo!! ^__^ Stole it from sosiqui-chan. ^^

1. Have you ever been to an anime convention?: Yep!
2. Are you planning to go to one in the near future?: Yep... this year I have Acen and AX on my palette. ^_^
3. You have been to 1-5 conventions?: Duh XD
4. You have been to 6-10 conventions?: Yeeeeeep
5. You have been to 11 or more conventions?: Yep!! This is counting Sci-fi cons though ^^
6. You rival Richard "Pocky" Kim in your con count?: ???
7. You've been to a con for a day?: Duh
8. You've stayed all three days of a con?: Yeeeep and more!
9. You've had more than 4 people in a hotel room?: For AX last year we had 5 in our room ^^
10. You've slept on the floor of the hotel room?: Not yet.. XD I'm sure it will happen!

II. Social Behavior
11. Have you met someone you knew online at a con?: LOL That was my entire reason to go to Acen last year! In other words yes. I seem to travel the continent meeting online friends. ^_^;
12. Are you now good friends with an online friend?: Definitely!!!!!! <3's her onee-chan and imouto.
13. Are you now dating an online friend?: Nope.. Have before though.
14. Ever glomped someone?: Haaai!
15. Ever been glomped?: Haaai!
16. Ever have a fangirl/boy moment?: Omigodyes!
17. Was it over yaoi/yuri?: I've had those too! XD On maaaaany occasions (Seattle comes to mind! XD)
18. Cons are one the extent of your social activity?: Nah. They're just blasts. ^^
19. People know who you are, even if you don't know them?: I have had this happen before. XD
20. You're a FansView Con Personality of the Week?: Nah.... don't care. XD

III. Cosplay
21. Ever cosplayed?: Yeeeeep! I love it!
22. Worn 2-3 costumes over a con?: Yep. ^_^ 2 seems to be the norm for me for a con. ^^
23. Worn 4-5 costumes over a con?: Mmmm.... I dunno if I'd do that.. a con is too short.
24. Hell, you're changing costumes every other hour (6+ costumes)?: LOL This probably will never happen. XD Too much makeup to do!
25. Do you bring a camera to photograph cosplayers?: Yep! Do I use it? LOL rarely.
26. Participated in a masquerade?: AX last year! It was a bit of a disaster but it was fun! XD This year we'll be in there to win, baby!
27. Won an award? (Hall Cosplay counts too): Not at a con. I tried to take Iron Artist at Yaoicon though.. XD I'll have to try next time I go!
28. Been complimented on your costume?: Definitely. ^__^ It makes me sooo happy when that happens!
29. You're recognized by your local fabric store employees?: LOL nah
30. You take commissions?: Not at the moment.. ^_^;;

IV. Life At A Con
31. You usually stay up past midnight at a con?: XD usually.
32. ...Past 2AM?: On regular occasions yes!
33. ...Past 4AM?: LOL I've stayed up for a few days straight for some cons. XD
34. Sleep is for the weak?: I hate sleep.
35. You like Pocky?: WOOO POCKY!!!!!!!!!!!
36. You've gotten sick of fast food by the end of the con?: OMG... Ramen = DIE!
37. You've gone broke from eating hotel food?: Nah.... the dealer's room usually takes my money before the hotel can XD
38. You've survived off ramen the whole weekend?: Huh, what me?
39. You've blown at least $100 in the dealers room?: *snickers* Dude.... hell yeah.
40. You've managed to spend nothing in the dealers room?: ^_^;;; Not even at Acen last year did Imanage that. XP

V. Everything Else
41. You hang out regularly with con buddies?: Yep! Though most of them live too far away. ;_;
42. You go to school/work with con buddies?: I go to cons with some of the people that I go to school with. Or at least I have before XD
43. You drive more than an hour to see con buddies?: I WOULD!!! I so would! Hell, I've flown to see them. XD
44. You preregister for cons?: I try. ^__^
45. You plan months ahead for the next cons?: You have to. ^_^;;
46. You've driven more than 6 hours to get to a con?: YEP!
47. You've taken a plane to get to a con?: Several times! ^_^
48. You've volunteered at a convention?: Yep... I'm a staffer at Acen!
49. You're staff of a convention?: XD See above!
50. You're starting your own convention?: Yukicon will be a go next year! ^_^
Current Music: Phantom Planet - California
Owlsie .:*・°☆: Ran [MEAT!*Hinoai]alsie on March 18th, 2004 01:09 pm (UTC)
17. Was it over yaoi/yuri?: I've had those too! XD On maaaaany occasions (Seattle comes to mind! XD)

XDD Honey sticks! Citrusy nuts! ...Aya and his MEAT! ::dies::